Friday, 23 November 2012

Roger Waters of ‘Pink Floyd’: “United States in Under the Control of the Enemy Jew”

Mr. Waters of Pink Floyd fame spoke up. “Sitting here as we are New York City,” he said, “it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room—this elephant being the unfathomable influence in the corridors of power of the Israeli and Jewish lobbies.”
Like many other decent human beings, Roger Waters has grown a healthy hatred of the evil Jewish race and their genetic behavior.
Enemy Jews were furious that Roger Waters told the truth about the brutal Jewish occupation of the United States of America:
If you buy a single download of a Pink Floyd song from iTunes, if you buy a Roger Waters concert ticket, if you spend a single penny on this aging cretin from the drug-induced ’70s, you are supporting his neo-Nazi bigotry against Jews in America. Hey, at least he’s honest about his hatred for Jews, since as we all know, the rest of those at this event and elsewhere in the anti-Israel crowd of thugs around the world are also vicious Jew-haters, but just won’t admit to it.
- She-Jew Debbie Schlussel
Jew Debbie Schlussel, another insane lunatic Jew. Cannot blame her though, mental illness is in their filthy Jew blood.


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