Sunday, 18 November 2012

Reds attack Patriots with weapons Patriots kick the crap out of then and they ran

Antifa attempted an ambush on Irish National leader Andrew Walsh and John Kavanagh of the Nationalist Movement. About seven or eight antifa scumbags came out of the woodwork like termites. Andrew Walsh is one hard man, he fended them off as did I. A few punches I had one of them covered in blood, almost got hit with a bottle in the head but the deflected it followed by a devastating punch in to the scumbag's face. The fight continued, I was too busy fending off multiple targets to see what Andrew was doing. Upon fighting two guys at the same time, one came up behind me and hit me with a bottle off my head (I assume it was a bottle). I hope that was one of the guys that ended up covered in blood.

The fight went on for about 2 minutes, it always feels longer because of being 'in the zone'. They started running, to be honest I was breathless to give chance after beating a number of them. Andrew and I got in to the car to give chase but many of them ran to areas that the car wouldn't reach. One managed to kick the car before running. Any suggestions that I hit them with the car or side swiped them is false. I just want to get that bit clear.

We circled the town for a while looking for them but couldn't find any, they were gone.

Andrew Walsh of Irish National continued the meeting which was a big success. Andrew only had a small cut on his forehead and my knuckles are killing me, strangely I thought a bottle to the head would be more damaging. I guess I was lucky. I don't like violence but they were so weak and I felt so powerful, I got to say I enjoyed punching their dirty heads off. Even better, one of them that attacked Andrew was a black bastard.

A great night, not only did I met some good nationalists, I saw the putting together of a right wing political party and we get to smash a few heads too. Some of the gobshites were covered in blood. Fucking cowards ran just as it was about to get good.


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