Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama supporters respond to win by tweeting ‘F**k white people’

“A house divided against itself,” a former president observed, “cannot stand.” That president was Abraham Lincoln, and the source of the rift he was lamenting was the practice of slavery.
Lincoln made his remarks 150 years ago, but divisions that threaten to sink our nation are as real today as they were then. It is the day after the most recent presidential election, but consider how little has changed. Republicans retain control of the House. Democrats retain control of the Senate, and Barack Obama remains the president.
But the strongest evidence that the divisions remain—and on a visceral level—can be found in the celebratory tweets of Obama supporters. Twitchy gathered up several dozen of them. All racially charged and obscene. Here are several:
Ryan Lachance (@DaLastChance) November 07, 2012
"obamas president!" "yeah f**k white people!" hahaha #damn
obama 274 romney 203 F**K WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
I can tweet wtf i want on my twitter . F**K ROMNEY ! & F**K WHITE PEOPLE . *shrugs* UNFOLLOW ME #simple
Tankk ' (@FreakMyTweet_) November 07, 2012
Obama for life, f**k white people Cai Hughes@caihughes
In his own verbal victory lap last night, the president said, “Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you. I have learned from you. And you've made me a better president.”
As to whether he will become a better president, time will tell. As to listening and learning, let’s hope those his words are more than just empty rhetoric. Let’s hope he has listened not only to his detractors but to those who claim to have his back. If he doesn't condemn remarks like the ones quoted herein, our house is indeed at risk.


It's the WHITE house for a reason...

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