Saturday, 3 November 2012

Norwegian Cop Reports on Rapes

Someone asked for that video on Rapes in Norway (100% non-White perpetrators). Included is the text, as requested.

Good evening, and welcome to “Dagsrevyen”.

For the last three years, the police in Oslo have investigated 41 assault rapes and the figures show that every rape has been committed by non Western immigrants.

The police look at these as very brutal felonies, where brutal violence has also been committed.

The police now wish for a greater focus on preventive work among immigrant men.

We’re on a street in the East End of Oslo

One of the top leaders of the police district, tells about what happened here on new year’s eve 2006.

Yet another woman was exposed to a brutal sexual assault.

What we know is that it is a young woman age 20, who walks towards this place.

She is well dressed, and completely sober according to investigations and security cams.

She is on her way home.

And when she comes towards here, the time is then around 3:25 AM, there is, as we see in a security camera, a man who catches up to her.

The grabs her and tries to make contact, but she rejects him.

Here, the dense throws her to the ground, and chokes her, and demands to have sex with her, or else he will kill her.

The Oslo police have looked through all reported assault rapes over the last three years.

The perpetrators are relatively young men who come from other countries.

They’re often asylum seekers, and come from traumatized countries, or from countries with a completely other view on women than we have in Norway .

There are both traumatized men and culturally related acts as we see it .

What do you mean?

We see that many of them have a view on women, which means that they when they want can take control over other people, mostly women.

You have any cases where ethnic Norwegians have committed such assault rapes?

No, we have had no such cases in our department.

A review of the last 41 cases in Oslo, show that many of the perpetrators are of Kurdish or African background.

What characterizes the assault rapes, is the use of brutal violence .

We have examples of such brutal rapes, that the women later describing it, say that they then mostly feared for their own life.

How would you describe the violence?

It could be anything from the threats to the use of knives, choking, punching and kicking.

Is this a form of crime which is hard for the police to work with?

Yes, at least preventing assault crimes. So we are dependent on cooperating with other agencies, to try to detect the predators before they actually assault women.

“Justice must not only be done, it must also seem to be done “

– Lord Chief Justice Hewart


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