Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Memorial Event for the Thousands of Germans Murdered by Immigrants

Every year in Germany there is a Volkstrauertag (People's Day of Mourning). It started in the 1920s to commemorate the German soldiers who fell in the First World War, but has been progressively taken up and extended by every dodgy regime since then. The Nazis made much of it, renaming it the Heroes' Memorial Day and issuing detailed directives about how it should be commemorated. In the post WWII-period, the East German regime continued the tradition, rebranding it "International memorial day for the victims of fascist terror and day of struggle against fascism and imperialist war". The event also continued in the west but was broadened out to commemorate the dead of two wars and the victims of tyranny in all nations. Like the other totalitarian governments that preceded it, Germany's modern multicult dictatorship has tried to co-opt the event for political propaganda purposes. This year, the list of "honoured dead" was expanded to include foreigners killed in Germany deemed to be the victims of "racism" and "hate".

Of course the far greater number of Germans murdered by immigrant invaders got no official mention. An unofficial event was held outside the German parliament, however, to remind the politicians of who it is they are supposed to work for. "Dem deutschen Volke" reads the inscription at the top of the Reichstag: For the German People. Organised by the small anti-Islam party Die Freiheit (Freedom), it commemorated the 7,500 Germans who have been victims of immigrant violence since 1990.


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