Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dr. David Duke -- Understanding the Jewish Threat -- The Scorpion and the Frog!

I thought my responses to a question on another thread deserved a thread of its own.

I think it is safe to say that most truly awakened and educated people on Stormfront understand the real reason our heritage faces a worldwide genocide.

But, a portion do not yet understand the Jewish Threat.

Some think that Jewish actions defy logic.

Yes, they do defy logic. OUR LOGIC.

But Jewish actions to destroy our people, logical or not from our perspective, are simply fact.

I urge every person who visits this forum to read my postings here carefully and thoughtfully.

After 45 years of research, thinking and activism, I am utterly convinced that this understanding is key to our peoples' survival and renewal.

Here's the first part and my short response.

Originally Posted by Dwarven Warrior View Post
So, he's willing to see his worst enemies grow in strength and numbers so that they will destroy the people that created and sustain his homeland? I'd imagine that his views are not mainstream among Jews, let alone Israeli Jews. At least I hope that most Jews aren't that crazy and suicidal.
You don't understand.

Not only are his views mainstream, they are effectively Jewish Law!

Every, and I mean every major Jewish Organization in every White nation pushes for massive non-European immigration.

In Europe. In the U.S.

For instance take the Jewish Council of Presidents which is composed of 54 of the largest Jewish organizations in America. It supports open borders for the United States.

I don't care if you think it not logical.

It is FACT!

It is logical in the Jewish anti-White hatred mindset.

They hate you. Your children. Your heritage. Your values.

And they are destroying you.

If you don't get this fact.

You and your children will face complete destruction.


Dr. David Duke


Very true. This should be much more spread.. I miss the times when people where aware of their White heritage and had it as the best thing they could have, and how they where aware of the diference between races. As Quevedo said, this "men to their nose attached", are indeed a threat

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