Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Déjà Vu: Justin Raimondo’s Attack on the Golden Dawn

From among the countless hit pieces on Greece’s nationalist Golden Dawn Party, Raimondo’s article is perhaps the only one which isn’t tiresome left-wing cosmopolitan boilerplate. It’s tiresome and wrong, mind you, but in a thoughtful and coherent manner worthy of a response.

His basic premise, a familiar one I agree with, is that the economic crises and austerity programs are empowering dissident factions:
The economic and social factors that led to the rise of national socialism and fascism in Europe are too well-known to require much reiteration here: the plight of Weimar Germany, with its runaway inflation, and subsequent social disintegration, pulverized the socio-economic fabric of the nation that gave us Goethe and Beethoven, empowering authoritarian ideologues of the right and the left. Marginal figures moved to the mainstream, and the results were horrific.
That process seems to be repeating itself today, with the rising tide of far-right movements in Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, and even Finland. And it isn’t just Europe: the so-called Arab Spring is occasioned by skyrocketing food prices and even worse economic conditions than we see elsewhere. With Islamist parties moving to fill the breach as US-supported tyrants like Hosni Mubarak fall by the wayside, the Weimar Effect is very far from being an exclusively European phenomenon.
I agree with it, but only after inverting it. This economic crisis isn’t radicalizing and destabilizing the Greek people, it’s awakening them. This isn’t entirely a subjective matter of perspective, either. The previous economy was the product of an artificial and unsustainable bubble, which makes the current economic situation and political dynamic the more normal of the two.

By contemporary non-Western and any historical standard, the Golden Dawn’s traditionalist, socialist, and nationalist positions are closer to being the normal ones. Calling the massive foreign invasion “immigration” doesn’t make it normal, and sitting on your hands while your heritage and future are being usurped in broad daylight is decidedly abnormal.

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