Sunday, 28 October 2012

White Community Building

It is correct and responsible not to abide by rules imposed upon us by our enemies. We owe nothing to those that vociferously hate us and would witness our world-wide genetic replacement. Their system of government, dysgenic multi-racial societies, and anti-white policies are killing us. Our enemies have declared war on our people and we are therefore at war.
I have highlighted several ways in which we can resist and react against enemy aggression and oppression and here I will explore one of them, namely White Community Building. In the first instance we will require pioneers with sufficient resources, determination, and perspicacity to introduce themselves into an area displaying potential (i.e., pervasive contention with the established order). Following on from the initial, and often the toughest, first step, these pioneers should begin to convince the fledgling community of their sincerity. This can be achieved via the provision of employment, housing, cultural events, meetings, social interaction, local politics, educational seminars, etc. I will emphasise again that this process is for dedicated pioneers only; those with doubts need not apply.
Once trust and co-operating has been achieved, many in the community will be actively involved with the pioneers, whether in a professional or social capacity. There must be clear and tangible benefits to existing within an exclusive society and the “natives”, our kin, should be informed of these. When citizens establish the fact that they are working together for the benefit of our joint immediate community, they will be more willing to discover, and take action against, looming threats, such as housing developments and the introduction of illegal drugs, for example. An ‘underground economy’ can also find a foothold and gradually flourish, starving the establishment of the nutrition it fraudulently extracts from those that it would see replaced by consuming drones and foreign invaders. Our folk must begin to rely on us for guidance and, eventually, much more.
From this point onward, more nationalists will inevitably express interest in our terra-forming project. They must be known commodities, however, and heavily vetted before they are welcomed into our ranks. Even if these second-tier proponents bring nothing more than manpower and an ardent believe in our struggle, they should be considered; every man, woman, and child has a purpose. Soon we will receive tacit support from the community and we will provide the necessary ideological and physical security and maintenance. Every individual will in time become a part of our family and, as a collective tribal mentality proliferates, businesses will trade only with those sharing their own outlook and employers will follow suit.
Displaying to our people that we are genuinely concerned with regards to their existence and well-being will earn their respect and trust and, given time, they will be equipped to accept our truths, including our creed: the ’14 Words’. This primal instinct will cleanse them of the liberal egalitarianism that the Left has inflicted upon them for decades; the unrestricted hedonistic consumerism promoted by the Right; and the self-hatred forced down their throats via their television sets. Their children’s future will look a little brighter and their own passage through life will seem somewhat more purposeful.
Eventually, we will elevate our position to community leaders, acting in the best interests of our commonality. With the now implicit reinforcement of our local extended family, the system will either be forced to move against us or write us off completely. I cannot envisage the former scenario during our lifetimes so, and assuming the latter, our obvious success will be mirrored elsewhere and we should provide guidance and as much encouragement as we are able to the new pioneers.
Once replicated, these burgeoning societies can trade and interact. My vision is of rural white communities accepting adolescents from urban white communities in the summer months to assist in the harvest and generally accrue an understanding of self-sufficiency, hard-work, and the cycles of life; concepts which find little fertile ground in the urban white youths who languish in the established conglomeration of housing estates – formerly termed communities. This ‘young person exchange’ occurs in other white nations, especially in those with ostensibly Nordic heritage. Trades, crafts, and other essential or nonessential skills can also be taught. In the urban  environment, ‘youth brigades’ will be encouraged in order to trim verges, clear streets of litter, assist the elderly, attend field-trips, and extensively appreciate their purpose within our social aggregate, rather than being denigrated or ignored as they are today.
The continued expansion and duplication of this crucial development in white survivalism will counteract the moral depravity and sense of worthlessness that permeates our enemys obfuscating version of reality and normality. We must fill our areas with our offspring and engender them will a radical appreciation of their racial inheritance. We must inject in them a pride in their culture and history and a hope for an enduring future. And, one glorious day, the tyrannical regime of our mortal antagonists will collapse under its own massive, putrid bulk. The parasitic financial institutions will wither and etiolate as tax-payers are forced into bankruptcy or redundancy; as ever more citizens swell the welfare queues; as “sovereign” debt reduces our government and our institutions to a third-world status of efficiency; and as the avarice of the international capitalists consumes their sacred cow.
And amidst the chaos we must stand with a prepared plan and a precedent for establishing functioning and cohesive societies. We represent the only alternative to a failed democracy and the immediate prospect of starvation, brutality, and extinction. This will be our legacy to our people, not the petty political parties of the past or a premature coup d’état destined for failure. We subsist under enemy occupation and the civilisation that they have acquired through stealth is no longer fit for purpose. We would see it razed to the ground and buried alongside the cumulative shame of our ineffectual predecessors. And from the ruins, a new Occident shall be orchestrated and constructed and carved upon its triumphal arch will be the undying words to which all future generations will submit: We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children.

N. Grifford

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