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The magick of National Socialism

The years following the Immolation of 56yf have witnessed much speculation concerning "occult" connections with National-Socialism. Most of the theories have been propounded in order to discredit National-Socialism by linking it with the "Black Arts", whilst others are well-meaning musings on such organisations as the Thule Society.The simple truth regarding National-Socialism and Occultism is that no such connections ever existed. They did not exist because National-Socialism did not then and does not now need some form of external occult aid or conspiracy in order for it to achieve victory. This is because National-Socialism is a complete world-view, an organic whole incorporating all aspects of the Aryan psyche. It is not an outer or exoteric shell which needs something esoteric or hidden to give it existence: it is the very essence itself - it is the cosmos made manifest in this world. It is both numinous and practical.

National-Socialism regards conventional forms of occultism as harmful - not because National-Socialism is fearful or ignorant of such things, but simply because it reasons that such things draw Aryans away from the spiritual purpose of their existence.This spiritual purpose, as will be explained, lies in an individual Aryan achieving a union with Nature, and thus an awareness of the truth of Racial identity and Destiny.National-Socialist Germany did away with 'occult' pursuits because, quite simply, such things were not needed.

With the triumph of a future Reich, such things again will not be needed: they will gradually fade from a National-Socialist society, because National-Socialism itself is the quintessential religious and "magickal" Western Way.The Meaning of Magick It is true to say that National-Socialism possesses "magick" - that is, it is true to say that it possesses the capacity, inherent in its various aspects, to cause significant Change. This form of Change is what occultists term as "magick" because it describes what is first desired and then willed into being. As to whether this magick is ultimately creative or destructive depends on whether an individual seeks to bring Change for selfish, personal ends, or whether that individual desires to aid the course of Nature which exists beyond all personal things. In choosing the latter, the individual "magickian" is positively aiding evolution.

National-Socialism therefore expresses the highest form of magick because this Change is willed not just for individuals but on a mass scale, in harmony with Nature via the quest to aid Racial survival and extend the Aryan legacy.This simple description of magick - the Will to Change - has been forgotten by those seeking gothic and elaborate explanations for the numinosity of National-Socialism. What was "magickal" in the most profound sense about National-Socialist Germany resided in its symbols, the speeches of its most inspiring activists, the heroism of the SS, the codes of behaviour founded primarily on Honour, the places where mass gatherings were held, and most significantly of all, in the very being of Adolf Hitler himself.

Is it any wonder that Berchtesgaden was completely razed to the ground, and every piece of rubble, even the surrounding trees, were removed by the "allies"? Is it any wonder the swastika is banned in most European countries? Is it any wonder the life of Adolf Hitler has become utterly defamed? All these things, and more, had and still have the power to cause Change - far greater than any "forbidden" rituals or ancient "words of power".Aryan Magickal Rites - The Simple TruthThe magick of National-Socialism is cosmological: that is, its magick is the life force of the cosmos, and to become a National-Socialist - a real Aryan - is to wield real power. But this power is only of use within the personal life if that personal life is in every respect dedicated to the Aryan cause. There is no personal gain, in terms of riches and selfish pleasures, to be had from this magick; no power over others, and no possibility of establishing a kingdom on Earth to the glory of oneself. Likewise, there are no demons to petition, no angels to converse with, and no wraiths to send out into the world to do one's bidding.

All those things belong to jewish magick - to the 'qabalistic' . The methods of Aryan magick are instead very simple, and would be a matter of course for the folk of an healthy Aryan civilization. Rather than comprising of complex and arcane ceremony, the genuine Aryan 'rites' of magick essentially involve the individual in striving to live the following nine National-Socialist principles:

1.) In everything that you do or undertake, strive for excellence.

2.) Do your duty by placing the welfare and well-being of your race before your own self-interest, and seek to preserve and extend your race by marrying among your own kind, and by producing/nurturing healthy children.

3.) Uphold the noble ideal of honour in your own personal life, and strive to live, and die, in an honourable way.

4.) Strive to uphold the noble, human, ideals of fairness and courtesy by being fair and courteous toward others, and strive to treat animals in a humane way.

5.) Be loyal to those you have sworn loyalty to, if necessary unto death. Your word, once given, should not be broken since to break your word is a dishonourable act.

6.) Be intolerant of what is harmful and unhealthy to, and what endangers, your race, and what is detrimental to the other creations of the divine.

7.) Reverence Nature and be respectful toward what reveals or expresses the divine.

8.) Always be ready, willing and physically fit enough to defend yourself and your family - and thus your own personal honour - and always carry a defensive weapon to enable your honour to be saved.

9.) Seek always to make the world a better, a more noble, place by striving to make others aware of the noble ideals of honour, loyalty and duty.

The tenets of the nine rites1 are the keys to enable Aryans to unlock the power of Aryan magick, and thus re-awaken the most awesome force this planet has ever witnessed. To re-iterate: there are no secrets behind the glorious but brief reign of the first National-Socialist Reich, and no secrets regarding the future emergence of a second National-Socialist Reich - only and simply what is described above by the nine principles, and the will to implement those principles.Thus it can be seen that National-Socialism acknowledges only the living supra-personal Being of the cosmos, revealed in Racial well-being and expansion. National-Socialism recognises the organic whole of Nature, and that we Aryans are an expression of this organic whole. When we live the above nine tenets - when we practice Aryan magick - we are this organic whole, conscious and evolving. Thus, to set up cosmic divisions in terms of "entities" - both "good" and "evil" - that exist independent of us and that require appeasing or controlling via "spells" or whatever, is absolutely against the Aryan character and against the Aryan wholistic understanding of Nature.Likewise it is against Aryan nature to waste life pouring over tomes of complex and elitist esoteric analyses of the cosmos (as in the many qabalistic writings).

National-Socialism instead seeks union with the cosmos according to the high standards of Aryan character and conduct, and the cultivation of an understanding of Nature as Nature is, without the sentimental and unnatural projections so prevalent in this modern age. Aryan "worship", as explained below, is expressed via practical, simple and spontaneous acts of reverence - acts that do not require individuals to suffer decades of ritualised ordeals and study in order to practice. All Aryans, from the moment they swear an oath of allegiance to National-Socialism, possess the full power of Aryan magick. Aryan Reverence"Worship" in the Aryan sense differs in all respects from the "worship" that characterises the judaeo-nazarene disease.

The practice of Aryanism, the National-Socialist religion, does not mean bowing and trembling before effigies of Adolf Hitler and others, as it does not mean that devotees of the religion march around wearing replica SS uniforms. For National-Socialists , worship invloves a natural expression of reverence for the example Adolf Hitler and others set us in the fight for Aryan well-being and evolution. It implies a re-awakening of the Aryan soul of which Adolf Hitler and others were the most recent and most profound expression. Aryanism reveres Adolf Hitler in the sense that he was a gifted mortal - as human as we are, but possessed of a greater awareness of the cosmic Being than others.

For National-Socialists and the devotees of Aryanism, he is a great Aryan prophet: he made conscious the revelation of Race, and revealed what was necessary in order to create a divine Aryan society. He is also a Hero2 in the greatest Aryan sense because he strove to create that society by the power of his will and by using his innate gifts and talents. Adolf Hitler therefore is revered as the greatest example we Aryans have of Aryan character. When we Aryans revere an individual we do so because they have, by the means of their life, set us an heroic example: thus we seek to emulate and measure our own conduct by that example (hence the practical purpose of the gods of our past). Usually, that individual is someone who still seems alive to us, who feels relevant - someone with whom we can imagine holding a conversation. Thus, as in Nature, we Aryans need renewal if the spirit of evolution is to guide our Race towards the genuine "philosopher' s stone": the goal of Wisdom. Consequently, it is the sacred duty of each new Aryan era to strive to spawn a new hero for our reverence.For when we Aryans worship, we draw forth from ourselves a new, living expression of the Aryan soul - as Adolf Hitler and others in their time brought forth a new expression via their own unique characters and insights. Fundamentally, when we Aryans worship - when we are living spiritually and physically as Aryans - there no longer exists for us a separation of the physical from what is sacred or divine: no division between the "gods" and Man. And thus, Heroes are born.Because of National-Socialism, "magick" has been taken out of the bedsit "temple" with its collection of seedy and superstitious artifacts and practices, and returned to the unified Aryan world of racial consciousness, creative supremacy, and the promise of the stars.

Because of the revelation of Adolf Hitler, a new, modern Aryan religion is born to guide us towards the attainment of living Divinity.A Race of Gods deserves nothing less.


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