Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Perverted police community support officers' racial discrimination claim dismissed

Khalid Akhtar

Two sacked PCSOs who shared naked pictures of a female officer with colleagues which they found on her mobile phone lost their case against wrongful dismissal.

Joy Shoker, aged 24, and Khalid Akhtar, aged 42, claimed West Midlands Police were guilty of racial discrimination.

But the case was thrown out after it emerged they lodged their appeal four months after the three month cut-off period.

The officers were sacked on August 23 last year following accusations of bullying and harassment.

The PCSOs had appeared at Dudley Magistrates’ Court in May 2011 to give evidence during a criminal case.

It is claimed that while the female colleague was on the stand, other members of the team found her phone in a coat pocket in a witness room.

They allegedly took the phone, trawled through photographs and came across nude pictures of the woman, which they then shared with other officers.

They are said to have followed this up by bombarding her with their own lewd pictures, mocking her by making provocative gestures at the camera.


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