Thursday, 4 October 2012

" Bring Your Kids To Watch My Sex Movie"

Actress Helen Hunt is urging parents to take their teenagers to see her new movie The Sessions - even though she gets naked in the film for lovemaking sessions with an incapacitated polio victim.

Hunt bares all for the movie and though she accepts parents might not want their kids to see the film, the actress is convinced it offers valuable lessons about sex and sensuality.
She tells WENN, "I want people to take their 15 and 16-year-old kids to it. I really think it's a perfect movie for kids of that age to see.
"A lot of kids I know are feeling their way in the dark when it comes to sex and feeling like it should all work smoothly and easily and they should feel OK about their bodies and they're clumsy almost always.
"The movie sort of deconstructs sex and makes it like it is for all of us, which is imperfect. Nobody psychically knows what the other one wants. I think it would be a great film for young people to see as they're coming into their sexuality."


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