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Brainwashing: Dan Sova: “The new generation of Romanians must know and recognize the great tragedy of the Holocaust”

Dan Sova: “The new generation of Romanians must know and recognize the great tragedy of the Holocaust”
Bucharest, 8th October, 2012: Holocaust Day is a moment marked by a specific emotional burden. We must observe it with the utmost respect for the victims of the repression of the Nazi regime and its allies, as well as for the survivors that on relive the horrors of their youth. On this day, it is important to reach out beyond political difference and stand together in mutual compassion and understanding.
The Holocaust has become a prominent landmark for our history and for humanity as well. We owe it to the memory of the victims of this immense tragedy to ensure that it is no longer possible for such a catastrophic event to take place anywhere in the world.
I want to make clear that without a shred of doubt we, as Romanians, are aware and acknowledge the tragedy that affected the Jewish people and the extent of the responsibility of those who allowed such events to occur. It is not enough to know about these events and it is not enough just to recognize the Holocaust at a European level. We need to recognize that Romania, as a state, had an active and regrettable contribution during the Second World War to the immense tragedy of the Jewish population living on territories under Romanian control. Later on, the communist state acted to erase these events from the pages of our history books, denying several generations including my own, the knowledge of this dark episode from our past.
Personally, I have gone during the last few months through an episode that I continue to deeply regret. It showed me the gravity of ignorance, passivity and lack of interest for a tragedy unique in the history of mankind.
I have since held talks with important national and international organizations, and have become acquainted with the information I was missing on the Holocaust of the Jewish and Roma people in the territories controlled by the Romanian state. I did this in order to support the adoption of legislative measures that will tighten up the national laws concerning anti-Semitism, and which ensure that the history of the Holocaust will continue to be studied in Romania.
To that effect I believe it is useful to have a debate upon and, consequently, enact, via the direct action of all responsible political decision makers in Romania, and with the support of the representatives of the Jewish community, the following:
1) Supporting the educational program of teaching the history of the Holocaust in Romania – in high schools and universities, so that the Romanian youth is aware of the objective historical realities and that mistakes such as mine, made because of lack of information are no longer possible in the future;
2) Supporting and developing the project “The March of Life " - in April 2012 a delegation of 43 people inclluding students from 7 schools in Bucharest, history teachers and TV crews took part in the March of Life, an event held every year in Auschwitz;
3) Firmly and actively supporting the Romanian Legislature in the amending of the provisions of Law No. 107/2006 – in line with the letter the ADL sent the Prime Minister and in line with the proposals which we will agree upon (the author of this letter is a specialist on juridical matters);
4) Creating with the help of the ADL/MCA and of the Institute for the Research of the Holocaust of permanent classes - these will become part of the official curricula of those studying in law, journalism and history faculties, in the police academies, magistracy institutes and any other education institutions that will teach the leaders of the next generation;
5) Supporting online projects - (initiated and developed by the MCA) meant to preserve the memory of Jewish culture in Romania (such as the initiative).
I am fully committed to becoming involved in several projects that will transmit to the future generations the history lessons we were unable to learn during our days in school and which should be mandatory in any civilized country.
I am confident that together we can redress this deficit of knowledge and information, so that Romania becomes a space where the rule of law is protected and where totalitarian ideology, of any kind, has no chance of staging a come-back.
Maximillian Katz, Founder – National Director, of the Centre for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism in Romania said:
“We appreciate and support the initiative of Minister Sova. We hope that it will ensure that the education system will provide an accurate picture of the holocaust in Romania. This is the first time since the fall of communism that the Romanian government has seriously addressed this issue, and we will work with the Minister to promote greater tolerance and understanding amongst the different communities in Romania.”


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