Friday, 19 October 2012

Activists arrested for distributing leaflets in Northern-Ireland

Detectives investigating an allegation that National Front leaflets have been distributed in south Belfast recently arrested two men.
The pair, aged 33 and 49, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, are being held on suspicion of the distribution of written material with intent to incite hatred. The leaflets, which label the white race as "Britain's most endangered species", are alleged to have been distributed in the Tates Avenue area. Two local politicos have issued the ritual condemnations.
South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt said people in the area had passed the leaflets, which he described as offensive and racist in tone, on to police, noting that it sends out a very clear message that this is a community made up of a proud, tolerant and diverse range of people who will not accept discrimination in any form.
Tolerant? They appear to be tolerant only of that with which they agree.
Alliance Party MLA Anna Lo, who does not look the least bit British or Irish, claimed she was sickened and disgusted by the leaflets, saying "There is no support for the extremist views of the National Front here and I would tell them that they are not wanted here or anywhere." She also represents a constituency in South Belfast.
While the National Front is nowhere near as large as the British National Party, it is active, as described on their blog. And unlike the BNP, it is racially nationalist. That means Whites only.



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