Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Iran LIE Same As Iraq LIE!

Anyone that turns on their Talmudvision these days gets a constant dose of lies coming from the Jewish controlled Mainstream media about the peaceful and innocent nation of Iran.  It is so sick to see these maniacs clamouring even more loudly now for an attack on Iran based upon fraudulent and non-existent "evidence" of Iran possessing "nuclear weapons".  

I have been looking for a while for an article or video that best summarizes the entire push for this unjustifiable war against Iran, and one was just produced that really gives all the facts straightforward for everyone to see.   It is a Youtube video, by Youtube user: "TheParadigmShift" entitled: "Iran LIE Same As Iraq LIE", and I definitely want everyone who reads this blog to watch it carefully.   I have it right here for my own readers to view, and of course, I have my own comments to follow:
NTS Notes:  Yes, the narrative voice of this video is Michael Rivero, who produces the website: What Really Happened" at    I have had my odds at times with Michael, but this information video is absolute dynamite!
Some may ask, why did I put up this video, considering that Michael Rivero is considered by some to be an "agent of disinformation".    As a person always interested in the truth, it is my own opinion that some very important issues and truths are indeed covered by individuals such as Michael, and we should not easily dismiss that information.   Therefore I have no qualms about putting up this very truthful and insightful video for everyone to see.
The bottom line is that we are being played by suckers again into a senseless and unjustifiable war on Iran by the same individuals that fooled the public into going into an unjustifiable war against Iraq.   It is time for everyone to just say NO and stop these maniacs in their tracks....As the old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on me!
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