Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Malmo Experiment

The population of Malmö today is 300,000. Out of those, about 40% are ‘non-Swedish’, counting immigrants and those who have two parents born outside the country.
With a concentrated immigration from Middle East and North Africa, estimates point toward a number of 25%-30% of the city’s population being Muslim. Where Malmö used to a place where ordinary people could stroll and let their children play in the streets, it is now a place where people are scared of the streets. Some of which streets unofficially ‘belong’ to criminal gangs.
According to a recent report by the Association for Crime Prevention (BRÅ), every fourth individual in Malmö was a victim of at least one criminal act last year. Glen Sjögren of the city’s police estimated that about 200 people are robbed on a monthly basis. Further, every fourth senior citizen does not leave his or her home, due to the fear of becoming victim of such crime. In other words, the light and warm picture of a peaceful city of commerce, has been replaced by a city currently bearing more of a resemblance to Batman’s Gotham.
Today, Malmö is undoubtedly the ‘most multicultural’ city of Sweden. Since almost the entire political establishment propagates aggressive multiculturalism, it also needs to pretend that it loves Malmö — regardless of the city’s murders, rapes and riots. This is exactly the reason why the Prince of the Swedish royal family went there on the National Day to celebrate the ‘New Swedes’ instead of his own people. On the National Day, the Prince of Sweden specifically visited Malmö’s Opera, where he held a conference celebrating the so-called ‘New Swedes’. Literally ten days later, the Swede Göran Nilsson, 60 years old, was killed just outside the same Opera. He happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time (could Malmö ever be the right place?). He lost his life when a criminal ‘new Swede’ of Arab descent, suspected of being intoxicated at the time, killed Göran in a car chase when escaping from the police.
The message here is clear: We have been completely abandoned by our establishment who do not care about our people’s fall. On the contrary, they celebrate it.
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