Saturday, 8 September 2012

Real IRA boss Alan Ryan blown away in broad daylight

FEARED terror boss Alan Ryan was blasted in the head and chest in broad daylight yesterday.

Cops suspect that the 32-year-old Real IRA chief’s murder in North Dublin was in revenge for gangster Mika ‘The Panda’ Kelly’s killing.
An eyewitness said: “There was blood everywhere. It was horrific.”
Ryan and a pal were walking from the Real IRA leader’s pad in Grange Lodge Avenue, Clongriffin, north Dublin, when they were targeted.
One of the hitmen fired FIVE shots from a Glock handgun, hitting the mob boss in the chest and his friend in the leg around 3.30pm yesterday afternoon.
And as the terror chief attempted to stand, his killer calmly stood over him — and shot him TWICE in the head.
The mob boss — who was caged in 1999 after he was caught at a Real IRA training camp in Meath — was later pronounced dead at Beaumont Hospital.
One shocked eyewitness said: “There was blood everywhere — it was squirting out of his mouth. Alan was talking for about a minute but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I heard the shots and ran out and could see he was shot in the head and heart.
Brute ... Ryan led RIRA gang
Brute ... Ryan led RIRA gang
“Alan is known in this area but no one ever expected anything like this to happen in broad daylight.”
A nearby CCTV camera is believed to have captured the country’s latest gangland shooting.
The terrorist’s brother, Dermot, and his long-term girlfriend were visibly distressed after attending the murder scene.
The killers fled in a Silver Volvo car which was later discovered burned out at Clongriffin Cemetery.
They then switched to a Fiat Punto, stolen earlier in west Dublin, which was then torched at the nearby Bewleys Hotel.
Gardai were last night on high alert over fears of a revenge attack by Ryan’s heavily-armed gang.
One theory being explored is that Ryan was killed by a north Dublin drugs gang after he stole €300,000 from them.
The cash had been destined for Europe to fund a deal but Ryan’s cohorts intercepted the loot as it was being transported earlier this year.
Torched motor ... car used in the hit
But the thug had many enemies all over Ireland and he was involved in a stand-off with a vicious Tiger kidnapper two weeks ago.
One source said: “Ryan had enemies in some of the most vicious drugs gangs in Ireland because he was demanding cash all over the place.
“There will be carnage over this. There’s no way Ryan’s gang will let this go and they will be baying for blood. His mob has access to a vast array of automatic weapons and explosives. This was a professional hit — the criminal gangs seem to have had enough of Ryan’s men taking their money.”
Another line of inquiry is that members of Michael ‘The Panda’ Kelly’s gang were behind the hit after Ryan was accused of killing the drugs boss last September.
Carnage ... bloody sweater at scene
The renegade republican had been warned by gardai earlier this year his life was under threat.
Officers have also refused to rule out the possibility he was targeted by Real IRA thugs from the North.
Leaders there had threatened to wipe out any member from Dublin lining their own pockets from extorting drugs money.
They had accused Ryan of keeping €100,000 of the €300,000 taken from the north Dublin mob.


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