Thursday, 27 September 2012

Racists resurface in UK

AS demonstrations against the anti-Islam film are continuing across the globe, there are growing number of racial attacks against Muslims in different parts of the Europe. A Pakistani van driver died after he was stabbed in the neck in racist attack in North Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom. A few days back two Pakistanis were also stabbed in the racially motivated attacks in Greece while a third one escaped.

The phenomenon of racism is nothing new to the Europe or the United States as blacks have been under constant attacks not just for decades but centuries at the hands of majority whites but of late it has assumed anti-Islam dimension as Muslims are frequently attacked in such incidents. The only plausible reason for this unfortunate trend is the official patronage of the campaign against Islam and its followers. Some European countries, led by the United States, are targeting Muslims and their religion in every conceivable manner from aggression in the shape of wars to cultural and psychological propaganda. Discrimination against Muslims is visible everywhere – during security checks at the airports, in shopping centres, in educational institutions, in buses, trains and at eateries. Countries like France are even not allowing Muslim women to wear Hijab, which is a religious necessity. Quite recently, the French Government, which also claims to be one of the champions of democracy and freedom of expression, introduced complete ban on demonstrations by Muslims against the blasphemous film despite the fact that these were well within the limits of decency and law. As for UK, it has introduced discriminatory visa rules for Muslims especially students coming from Islamic countries. Increase in racial attacks against Muslims is a clear manifestation of the fact that the world is moving in the wrong direction and sanity demands checking this trend by way of removal of discriminatory approaches, education and promoting awareness.



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