Saturday, 1 September 2012

Irish Comrades damage Red memorial

'A spokesperson for the Peter Daly Society, has condemned a cowardly attack by a tiny neo-nazi faction on the Vol. Peter Daly Monument, at Monageer Co. Wexford .

In the early hours of Thursday 30th August, a three man gang of racist boneheads attacked the memorial stone causing minor damage. The monument was spattered with paint and damaged with a hammer, while the Spanish republican flag was removed. Sickeningly the gang of neo nazi's painted a reference to former Ku Klux Clan leader Davin Lane at the back of the monument.

Speaking from Wexford, Steven Mc Cann said, 'The attack on the Vol. Peter Daly Memorial is the work of cowards. Peter Daly was an Irish Socialist Republican, and a veteran of the Tan War. Peter fought proudly for Irish Freedom and spent 18 Days on Hunger Strike. He is widely regarded as a hero across the country. The attack on his monument is an affront to the people of Wexford and to the people of Ireland.

Vol. Peter Daly heroically gave his life fighting against fascism in Spain, and is remembered with pride. Those behind this disgraceful act of vandalism are out of touch with people here in Wexford and wider Irish society. The cowards behind this attack would do well to remember that Irish republicans do not take attacks on our memorials lightly.'

Mc Cann Continued,' The monument has now been cleaned and restored. Undeterred by the attack by tiny fascist elements, the Peter Daly society will host the second annual Vol. Peter Daly Commemoration here in Monageer on Saturday, September 1st at 7pm. The main speaker will by ex- IRA Hunger Striker and socialist republican Tommy Mc Kearney. I would urge all republicans and socialists from the south east and further a field to show a united front against fascists and come along and remember Peter Daly with pride.'


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