Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Teachers receive manual for Roma-friendly education

Prague, Aug 21 (CTK) - A new manual called Second Shift that shows Czech teachers how to integrate literature and history of the gipsy minority into multicultural education in the higher years of elementary schools was presented to journalists yesterday.
The manual that is to show teachers how to eliminate prejudices among pupils was prepared within a three-year project of the Romea association.
"We wanted to present the gipsy theme differently from how it is taught at schools now. The current method is not much creative," project coordinator Radka Stekla said.
She said the manual authors would like pupils leaving the 9th year with respect for being different.
The manual was written by gipsyny scholars, historians and pedagogy experts. It offers selected works by Romany writers with explanations and tasks as well as gipsy' history.
It contains memories of gipsy Holocaust survivors, excerpts from old prints and other historical sources. The book also contains photographs and other pictorial material.
Eighty-six teachers attended seminars on how to use the book. They were also acquainted with dealing with undesirable phenomena, such as bullying or pushing children out of the class collective.
Romea started the three-year project aimed to help eliminate racism and xenophobia from schools in September 2009.
It cost some 9.46 million crowns. About 85 percent of the sum was provided by the European Social Fund, the rest by the state. A child magazine Romano Vodori or Romany Soul was also published within the project.
More than 400 children met Romany Holocaust survivors and representatives of various minorities at 30 workshops.



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