Friday, 3 August 2012

Occupied Germany To set Up Database To Target Nationalists

The German Zionist regime want to fight Nationalism with a centralised database; a register of Nationalists. The proposal is a ‘response’ to the entirely fictitious framing by German intelligence of a group of National Socialists for a series of totally unrelated murders of Turkish drug-dealers over a period of years and in disparate parts of the country attributed to what the Jewsmedia call the ‘Zwickau terror cell.’

At its last meeting before the two-month summer break on Friday, the Bundesrat, Germany’s upper house of parliament, approved the “Act to Improve the Fight Against Right-Wing Extremism.” The law calls for the establishment of a centralised Nationalist database, merging information on arrests from 36 different police and intelligence services across the country.
With this database, security and intelligence authorities in Germany would be able to intensify and, above all, accelerate the exchange of information on Nationalists to prevent such peaceful but uncontrolled and unnanounced demonstrations as the one below from occurring:
The database would keep track of “right-wing extremists with violent tendencies” as well as their contacts, the alleged ‘masterminds who pull the strings behind the scenes’ (Nationalist leaders) despite the fact that German Nationalists, as all European Nationalists, are peaceful and violence invariably comes from the government sponsored far-left and special security services-police charged with starting trouble at events.
In particular, the law speaks of “persons who, according to the available evidence, appear to be pursuing right-wing extremist tendencies and in connection with those tendencies promote violence…and the use of right-wing extremist violence as a means to pursue political agendas.” A ridiculous, inflamitory and defaming charge against ordinary German patriots who, like their fellow Nationalists all across Europe peacefully wish to free their country from Zionist Occupation Governments (Der Zionistischen Besatzung Regierung).
However, the government spokesman stressed Friday that collected data would not automatically end up in the database. “Files on people who only advocate right-wing violence will not be saved. A right-wing opinion, or membership in the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), would not be enough to merit a mention in the central database.”
A statement with little credability and which is thrown in to create the impression that there are a large number of violent Nationalists despite all the evidence on the ground that such people simply dont exist. Any Nationalist group can be infiltrated by intelligence agents who could act in a violent way, or patsys groomed by the security services to be violent, (as we see with most ‘Islamic terrorism’ in Europe) or just the odd mental case.
“The Federal Office for the Protection of the (Allied Occupation) Constitution believes there are around 9,500 violence-prone right-wing extremists in Germany. The database would collect “basic data” and “extended basic data” on each of them.”
Investigators would have access to the basic data, including name, date of birth and address. The extended data would be intended for a more precise estimate of a suspected person. This would include, for example, language skills, events attended in the past, weapon ownership, telephone lines, personal and private bank accounts and any group or party memberships or affiliations. To obtain this information, the relevant authority nust agree by law to disclose the data.
According to estimates the database is expected to cost about 8.2 million euros ($10.1 million) to set up and thereafter 2.6 million a year to operate.



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