Saturday, 11 August 2012

German radio presenter fired over Nazi slogan: report

A German radio presenter has been fired after saying "Work Sets You Free", a slogan used at some Nazi concentration camps, to listeners who had to work at the weekend, a newspaper said Thursday.
Several listeners of the Munich-based Radio Gong 96.3 complained during the July 28 programme when the 39-year-old female freelance presenter made the remark, according to the BZ paper.

One couple filed charges after having reportedly been told by another radio employee to take the comment as a joke. Munich public prosecutors have opened preliminary proceedings on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, the paper said.
It quoted the radio station's head Georg Dingler as saying both women had been dismissed.
"The station has long been committed to fighting the far right," Dingler told BZ.


Just what does the jew not get upset about.

So a man loses his job for making a joke, yet those who continue to defame Germany with their Holyhoax lies, are given German tax-payers' money! The station is committed to fighting the far-right? Does that mean it is staffed by liberal extremists, and paid for by the kosher occupation government?

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