Saturday, 28 July 2012

White Unity

The whirlwind of the Huns of Attila, "Scourage of Europe," burst upon the scene from Asia and descended upon Europe. On the banks of the Rhine, Attila's myriads met a Germanic tribe, the Burgundians, some ten thousand warriors strong. These ten thousand were almost exterminated - though we shall hear of them again in legend - and the Huns swept on into France. They were met in a great battle at Chalons by a combined army of Franks, Gauls and Italians under a Roman general Aetius, and were utterly defeated. The time has come for the Gathering, the coming together of the clans of our folk. We will fight the enemy as our forebears fought at Chalons, not as Germans, nor Italians, nor as Poles, nor as Irish or Englishmen, nor as Frenchmen, nor as Russians,  Rumanians, Serbians, Czechs or whatever, but as White men and women in defense of the West. This time we will be united as one. One Race, one blood, and one purpose!



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