Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sinti Auschwitz victim's widow denied pension

An Auschwitz victim’s widow has been denied a pension after authorities questioned medical reports from more than 40 years ago which said his ill-health was caused by the two years in Nazi camps.

Her dead husband, named only as Anton B., was granted a victim’s pension in 1957, and he drew it until he died in 2009 with no problem. But when his widow applied to have the €600 a month paid to her after his death, authorities said the 1957 doctor’s report was wrong and prevented the payment.

The case has outraged German Sinti and Roma groups - up to 500,000 of whom were murdered by the Nazis during the holocaust, wrote the taz newspaper on Tuesday.

"This is, 67 years after the Holocaust, an unbelievable and unacceptable turn of events," wrote Romani Rose, head of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma in a letter to North Rhine-Westphalia State Premier Hannelore Kraft. 


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