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"When every spark was quenched on every hearth Throughout the earth, I brought to man the fire And all its ministrations. My reward Hath been the rock and vulture.” ........Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Man learns slowly by trial and error that no gain in the material world can match even the smallest awareness of divine mystical consciousness. All growth proceeds slowly and inexorably. Any attempt to force physical growth beyond its ordained limits inevitably results in disaster. Similarly, any attempt to unnaturally accelerate spiritual growth must fail. The word growth indicates movement, action, production and development. But what does growth mean pertaining to man? Does it mean having more money and more expensive toys than your neighbors? A bigger house? A body like Hercules? A bigger nation and industry than other countries? More bombs perhaps? We think of growth as the essence of life. As infants we are born and grow to be adults, but when this physical growth is over, what then? Let's bring this question to its unequivocal conclusion. As far as mankind is concerned, the only growth of any significance is the development of our own spiritual self, as individuals and as people, the subconscious mind and the collective mind. Man must clearly understand that this is a crucial element in the development or evolution of being.

There is a long-suppressed indigenous unity, spirit, will and determination among the European tribes in the Western World which have, until most recent years, been the hallmark of our ancestors extending back to our most distant origins. Within that unity was the repository of infinite possibilities! As an individual, how much you can absorb of that ancestral essence will depend on you. You alone are the measure of your own God given free will. How far you can travel and accomplish your goals and quest, only you can decide. What you do as an individual in this current world and time greatly reflects not only our people today and our future to come, but all of our forebears as well, just as their deeds have lifted and continue to lift us in glorious renown as a race and culture.

Consider these facts. For the very first time in history, the Euro-tribes are now facing the very real possibility of cultural obliteration and total extinction. Not only has our birthrate dwindled alarmingly, but the steadily increasing forced integration, immigration and miscegenation, abortion and birth control pills are generating an equal, if not speedier, course toward the total demise of the entire White race! Do not insult your own intelligence by saying this is not so. Do not fool yourself by thinking this is not a crucial problem. And do not insult those courageous ancestors who died to preserve your future by saying you don't care! The long-enduring and seemingly invincible peoples of the Western World, builders of the mightiest civilizations on earth, possessors of god-like creativity that conceived and constructed the Wonders of the World, find themselves dwindled, divided, and persecuted not only by the world at large who greatly benefited by our creativeness, but by their own blood kin whose minds, through the many world institutions of deprogramming have been systematically twisted and grossly alienated from their vital ethnic roots.

"Thy Godlike crime was to be kind, To render with thy precepts less, The sum of human wretchedness, And strengthen Man with his own mind.... Like Thee, Man is in part divine, A troubled stream from a
pure source...." .....Lord Byron

Like the mighty Titan Prometheus, condemned for bringing divine gifts of fire and knowledge to the world, our reward has become our fetters. Chained are we now to the rock of our misplaced compassion, with our enemies gnawing at our vital organs. But, it is not other races who forged our chains; it is we ourselves who fashion our own demise. We have let ourselves become outcasts in our nations and governments. As a race we are dying, but it is not because we have any less capacity for intelligence than our predecessors, less strong or less warrior-like. It is because our spirit is dying! We have abandoned our true ethnic gods, searching for spirituality and meaning to life in all the wrong places. If you prefer blindness, keep your eyes closed. If you prefer deafness, keep your ears closed, But if you are wise, you will open the windows of your ethnic spiritual soul, so that you become aware of the mighty and vast power that is the Will of Wotan and all of our connecting pantheons, which can strengthen and encourage you and awaken your fullest potential in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Christian churches are full of our Euro-folk who mouth alien religious doctrine and dogma's which they scarcely understand, and in their hearts they do not believe, praising Semitic gods and heroes who are not their own. They repeat the outdated passages and the worn out prayers that have long lost their meaning and blatantly deny all reason, logic and natural common sense. True religion is the living of life and the understanding of God, man, Natures Laws and the universe. True prayer is something that comes involuntarily from the heart. It is not what a man designates himself that matters. It is what he does, Specification is for insects! In that hypnotic, herd-like scramble for materialism and prestige, we rob ourselves of the most precious of gifts, the power of thought. There is an old saying that if a man believes in hell, he is already there. The word "hell" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "helan", to conceal. Therefore, the derivative noun "hell", meant simply a place of concealment or the grave. The Euro-folk have created their own living hell by impeding the indigenous spirituality, unity and biological determination which is the key, the most fortifying element for the survival of a human species. Without this there is no heritage; there is no culture, race or nation. But, worst of all, there is no blood bound will and collective consciousness upon which a healthy people can draw their strength, point and purpose!

Like a sun's ray, concentrated by a burning glass, able to generate a high degree of heat, so are man's mental and physical energies, when properly focused, they give expression to potency's never dreamed of! Before we can ever endeavor to rebuild a vital folkish awareness, we must first tackle that which constitutes our own personal, individual strength. Within each of us is a dynamo of unlimited power. What is the purpose of life here on Midgard (earth)? To exist? Certainly not! It is the quest for illumination obtained from higher mystical knowledge, the expansion of consciousness, a constant reaching upward, outward and inward, to oneness with both Nature and the Universe through our Gods and folk, and the ever perfecting manifestation of our spirit, being and species!

Clearly, and without dispute, behind our fleshy garment, man is a spirit and this spirit motivates each life as a collective spirit is able to motivate an entire race of people. There is only one mover aside from God in all creation, and that mover is "thought". There is only one Creator, and that creator is the Universal subconscious mind, or God. The sub-conscious mind is the most powerful creative instrument in the universe; it spans space and time, manifests from substance and reaches out to all knowledge. Nothing is impossible within the mind of man, for the conscious mind controls the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is all powerful. The subconscious mind has within its resources all the knowledge and wisdom that ever was or will be, and all science and occultism is simply the use of the mind in which all live and move and contain our being. The foremost important function of the subconscious mind is to manifest into form or circumstance the seed of thought. If you have been looking for a magic formula to put your life on the right track here it is: "Thought plus Conviction equals Manifestation"

The conscious mind is virtually insignificant when compared to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind remembers very little and in our short lifespan barely has learned the rudiments of thought, and is scarcely capable of dealing with its immediate surroundings. What we have is a situation of servant and master, and as startling as it may seem, the conscious mind is the master. The subconscious mind will only do exactly what the conscious mind tells it to do. However, it is not a simple matter of instructing the subconscious mind to do something for it to immediately respond. It does not function this directly, but must be programmed, that is, the conscious mind must convince the subconscious mind of its needs and desires. The relay of communication between the conscious and subconscious mind operates through a system of positive and negative prompters. There is an old saying in the martial arts that if you begin a combat with your opponent, wondering if you are going to win or lose, then you have already lost. If you harbor doubts between the conscious and subconscious mind, then you may expect a shaky and uncertain outcome. Communication between the two must be crystal clear and executed with conviction. Further, if you allow yourself to be a product of circumstance, then each encounter with failure that you make will convince you of the reality of failure. Moreover, and without always being aware of it, you will make despair, uncertainty and unhappiness your constant companions. Do not think for a minute that circumstance makes the man, man makes the circumstance! Fill the subconscious mind with positive prompters and continually reinforce them, no matter how unpleasant your existing circumstances may be. Success is not the result of hard work; it is the result of right thinking. The Gods do not punish you; you punish yourself!

Form is but the result of consciousness, and consciousness is but a result of thought, and thought is simply a contact and borrowing from the universal intelligence that prevails all things. Thought makes form. Matter is formed from intelligence. And more important, intelligence is in matter! Since intelligence must be conscious, it is an indisputable fact that we are surrounded by a living universe, that there is consciousness in all things. Conception and thought are the alpha and omega of all existence, and we carry all these ingredients within our physical being. What greater privilege could one ask for? Our ancient ancestors recognized these potentialities and used them to construct wonders beyond comprehension. To possess such magnificent resources and choose to live a non-productive, uninspired life, ruled by circumstance, is something just short of abominable.

"O clear intelligence, force beyond all measure! O fate of man, working both good and evil! When the laws are kept, how ”proudly his city stands! When the laws are broken, what of his city then?”

Rapidly we are moving through a chaotic time space, a spinning maze of intense complexity that whirls on a fragile teetering point, exposing the delicacy of the scales of Nature. The Western World has become like an aging champion, who after endless victories discovers a first day of vulnerability. It all seemed so easy when our opponents were standing before us, man to man, when our true ethnic Gods roared within us and we could grasp our invincibility. Now our collective dreams and goals have become vague. We become doubtful, divided and spiritless. Instead of a natural, intrinsic confidence we harbor unnatural guilt, embarrassment and apology for our former alpha-race stature. Yes, it has become a sad, if not shameful day for the Western World. It is not our enemies who have made us weak. No! A good enemy will galvanize a people and ultimately make them stronger! It is we, our own people, who have made us weak! We have become our worst enemy and executioner. Make no mistake about it! There is only one solution to a critical dilemma, and that is an immediate return to that well-spring from which all greatness is born! Within the ethnic center of our being, found in our mythos are the elements which exudes our spirituality, culture and unity. Our ethnic Gods exist in the very essence of our DNA. If you do not believe this, then study the beginnings of every great ancient Aryan civilization.

Some will say that we must first save the earth on which we live. Let me ask you this, what does it matter if the earth lives or dies, if we first become extinct? Who cares if our religion and culture survive us if we first become extinct? Biological determination, the survival of the species, is the first law of Nature and from that point; everything builds upon itself in right order, brick by brick. On the other hand, If the planet does not survive due to mankind’s ignorance, then all of humanity dies. Our planet is the nurturing mother to humankind and all living creatures Both situations are extremely vital to keep in balance. As if devoid of our senses, we fool ourselves by concluding that we can ignore the divine laws of Nature, hanging on to that time-depleted, thin thread of freedom which our ancestors so nobly fought and died to preserve.

If you are studying Wotanism or Druidism for academic interests or entertainment, it would be better that you stop now and turn to logarithmic tables, higher calculus, continue letting your T.V. program your thoughts or play games on the computer internet. Unless you can comprehend the extreme urgency of the moment, your true life-quest and purpose on this planet, then the answers will pass you by, leaving you once again in the directionless void of limitless empty space, darkness, uncertainty and ignorance.

"The Gods sell to us all good things in exchange for effort."

What man concludes, God knows. What God knows, God creates. What God creates, man perceives. What man perceives, he believes to be outside himself, existing in the world around him. But the truth is, it exists within him, for it exists in the Universal Mind and all of this mind is within man when his consciousness has expanded to comprehend it. Divinity is all intelligence and man is greatly blessed that he too has the potential to possess a certain amount of god-like intelligence within himself, however such gifts do not always come easy; as Euripides states: "Uneducated men are pitiless, But we who are educated pity much. And we pay a high price for being intelligent. Wisdom hurts."

How then, we must ask ourselves, do we reconcile a world that is absolutely indifferent to our imperative as a people, culture and heritage? The answer is quite simple: We cannot! Let us then perceive the purposes of our tasks and manner in which solutions can be performed, concluded and problems absolved. It is incumbent upon us by Nature's Law, "the survival of the species" and the will of our valorous ethnic Gods to fulfill the destiny that only we alone can and must fulfill. The first step toward awakening and manifesting our being and purpose as a species is to understand the workings of the conscious and subconscious mind, and to apply this higher understanding and power to the greater good of our folk. Remain open to your Gods; they are your light and are here to guide you. Born are you from them and they from you. As long as you believe and trust in them-----they will not fail you!


"Call the heroes! Call to the shades of our fathers, Live again! We feast now to those noble warriors! Loudly call the shades of our fathers! Live again! We raise a horn to the gods of men! Loudly call the shades of our heroic fathers! Open wide the doors of Valhalla, Live again!

A new golden age for our kith and kin! Break the shackles of this decaying world, Sound the trumpets loud, Live again! As it was in ancient times, we raise a roaring toast to our heroes divine! Through their spirit we live again! With the thunder of Thor’s mighty hammer, Down from Asgard the Valkyrie’s ride! Wolf and raven at their side! In Wotan's name and our people’s pride! We live again!"
……………..Ron McVan


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