Friday, 13 July 2012

Golden Dawn request all-Greek blood bank

Health officials have condemned the call for an all-Greek blood bank made by members of extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn on June 11.
In the neighborhood of Loutsa, Golden Dawn members hung posters encouraging Greeks to donate their blood specifically for fellow Greek citizens. It was reported that several citizens donated blood at the local Sotiria hospital, requesting that their blood only be given to Greeks.
Head of the hospital Yiannis Stefanou said that these requests would never be tolerated. He stated that all blood donations would be "available to any patient in need regardless of race, color, and party."
The National Association of Hospital Doctors (EINAP) also issued a statement stressing that the “sacred character of the donation process and disposal of blood” must be safeguarded according to universal and international standards. EINAP also said that they expect official statements denying Golden Dawn’s movement directly from hospitals as well as from the Ministry of Health.


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