Sunday, 8 July 2012

Gang Of 30 Black Youths Assault Whites At Columbus Red, White, And Boom Celebration; Fat-Assed Cops Too Busy Watching The Show To Intervene

Each year, the city of Columbus, Ohio hold its Red, White, and Boom celebration to mark the Fourth of July. But this year, the event was spoiled by TNB, as a gang of feral black youth declared open season on White patrons.

The account comes from a letter to the editor by Michael Meeks, published in the Columbus Dispatch on July 7th. Meeks wrote that after the show ended and people started walking back to their cars, a gang of approximately 30 black youths, both male and female, started running down Broad Street, randomly assaulting White people — old people, children, women. Meeks himself was assaulted by five different youth.But it is the behavior of the police that was even more outrageous. There were reportedly dozens of police officers at the event. But where were they? Most of them were standing around with their fingers up their asses, clumped in bunches near the Scioto River and watching the fireworks along with the hundreds of thousands of spectators. Few, if any, were covering the exits and the surrounding streets. This explains why, when one citizen corralled a cop and asked him why they weren’t taking aggressive action, the cop replied, “We don’t have enough officers.”Well, of course not. It’s because most of the “dozens of cops” were being paid overtime to protect their careers and their prospective fat pensions rather than the community. This should raise the question in your mind as to whether or not you can trust the “thin blue line” to hold in your own city. Some interesting comments were appended to the story: michael elder (LeftisRight) 2012-07-07 14:02:38.0:
Does no one know how to fight back any more? Everyone has cell phone cameras…use them! Record the perps! YouTube their sorry butt. You get pushed, push back. You get hit, hit back. Or…you can just lay down and blame someone else for your inability to stand up for yourself. I’ll wager that the ratio of white to black at this year’s event was 100 to 1. Yet, who is playing the victim?
Hunter O’Rourke (Hunter) 2012-07-07 16:05:30.0:
Why was this not reported in the media (at least that I saw)? This type of incident, criminals and savages preying on innocent people, has been happening in more and more cities across this country. This is why I won’t take my family to downtown Columbus for any of these events. The “po-po” aren’t there to protect us, they’re there to protect THEM. When society has had enough and the pushback comes, it’s not going to be pretty.
Nikto Barrada (Gort) 2012-07-07 17:41:02.0:
Suggest that everyone who is eligible obtain their Carry Concealed permit then, “Don’t leave home without it”. Welfare babies selling drugs not paying taxes then having more welfare babies before costing us money in the hospital, courts, jails and finally the morgue. Welcome to post-1965 America, and thanks LBJ.
Oh, and by the way, since Mayor Michael Coleman is black, does the city really have an incentive to curb black crime? They also had a black police chief until recently; that chief was instrumental in pressuring Susan Purtee into resigning from the force in September 2007 after she made some politically incorrect remarks about racial issues and Jewish supremacism.
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