Saturday, 21 July 2012

Black Man Arrested For Breaking In Neighbors Homes To Watch Porn and Masturbate...

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene police arrested a man who allegedly spent months harrassing his south Eugene neighbors without most of them knowing.

Antone Owens is accused of breaking into houses and using his neighbors' computers to surf porn.

Detectives say Owens broke into his neighbors' houses while they were gone during the day.

Then the 21-year-old would allegedly log onto their computers, use their Internet to surf porn, and masturbate, occasionally leaving only a used towel behind.

Detectives say Owens' victims all lived within five blocks of his home, on Van Buren Street in south Eugene.

He allegedly left the scenes before homeowners returned.

But would leave traces, like towels and lubricant, which prompted neighbors to call police.

Investigators used DNA on the towels to identify Owens.

He allegedly told police he never wanted to hurt anyone, he just liked using strangers' computers more than his own.


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