Monday, 4 June 2012

Report about the Riots held out in the Greek City of Patras! Ra.ho.wa started!

Last few days, big conflicts and riots held out in the big Greek capital city of Patras in Peloponesos, near the famous Port. In Peiraiki-Patraiki, which is an old non-active since many years now manufacture closely to the center of the region, the last years because of illegal immigrationbecame a place where lots of criminals mainly from Afghanistan and other 3d world territories, have found there inside their valuable shelter or crypt to say for making their own criminal business around. Stealing, murdering, raping also and whatever could anyone think, are only such of the kind of criminal behavior of them against the local society. Many Greek cities confront this huge social problem cause of the non-limit illegal immigration, while the official state and authorities don’t do anything to stop this phenomenon, which is not being accepted from the majority of the Greek population.
Big rage was caused to the Greek citizens there, because of the non reasonable murderof a 29th years old Greek Man after being stabbed many times from 3 illegal aliens from Afghanistan and finally lost his life. Criminals where even not arrested from the authorities as it should be and where hidden back to their shelter in Peiraiki-Patraiki.
Greek people found the way to express their anger because of the non efforts of the official state to make something to stop this situation around. So, after a public ear to ear call between the Greek people, gathered outside of the old manufacture, few thousands of Greeks, mostly Nationalists, supporters of the political party now Golden Dawn and independent Nationalists from various organizations from Patras and other cities attacked the place and get in riots having as opponents the boys in blue (A.C.A.B.). Many cops were injured after Nationalistic attacks on them, the region around the shelter of the immigrants was like a theatre of war, where lots of fires were burning for many hours, some vehicles were being totally damaged and immigrants were hidden and like in normal police made some arrests of Greek people. In the news, many political and journalists representatives were invited to express their own opinion about the serious facts of violence happened there and to discuss who finally have the political responsibility about all happened. Non of the politicians accepted the real responsibility of the riots, except the financial of the Golden Dawn political party who spoke the voice of truth about the guilty role of the illegal immigration in Greece and the real responsible about that. Leftists and antifascists were hidden in their caves, because of the Greek Nationalists who get mad and were in the streets because of this murder.
For all night long, riots were continued and finally official authorities, decided to vacate the place from the illegal scum, in order riots to be stopped in that way. Greeks tried many times to get inside the building and police couldn’t even stopped them sometimes. Also, this time Greeks get tired to hear announcements from the media or the non-existent phantom government of the I.M.F. and waiting of a Democratic solution of the problem. We got the law in our hands and made politics for our country’s gain. Every time, when authorities will let illegal criminals to live against the term of society, we will become as one with the anonymous Greeks and will rule the streets in our own!
Sources to see some videos or pics from the riots. =4896316

For the Report: Omerta Crew Hellas.
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