Thursday, 7 June 2012

Non-whites committed 54 out of 55 rapes in Oslo last year – and only 8 have been arrested

Of the 55 ‘assault rapes’ committed in Oslo last year, the perpetrators were identified as having a ‘non-Western’ (i.e. non-white) appearance by their victims in all but one case.

And to date only eight men have been arrested for the crimes – all of them of a ‘non-Norwegian background’, according to the newspaper Dagsavisen.

In Norway ‘assault rapes’ are defined as rapes in which the victim and attacker do not know each other. They accounted for 22 percent of the rapes committed in the Norwegian capital last year.

A wave of assault rapes in autumn 2011 made it the worst year on record for the offence in Oslo. The total of 55 rapes, including 22 attempted rapes, was a 104 percent increase on the number in 2010.

Three of the eight men arrested so far have been sentenced. Two were given eight and four years respectively for one attack, while another man was sentenced for two other rapes and is a suspect in a third.

According to state broadcaster NRK, DNA evidence has been the crucial factor in determining guilt in the cases so far, but because many of the perpetrators are new arrivals in Norway (often asylum seekers) they usually do not have a police profile or DNA record.

More rapes than in the same period in 2011

Oslo police have received 15 reports of assault rape so far in 2012, two more than in the same period last year. Three people have been arrested, two of them in the same case.

That total is expected to rise significantly in autumn, as it did in 2011, when the long dark nights begin to return to the city.

The huge overrepresentation of non-whites and asylum seekers in rape figures is nothing new in Norway. Between 2005 and 2010 there were 86 reported cases of assault rape or sexual assault in Oslo. In 83 of the cases the perpetrator or perpetrators were described as non-white, and, in the cases of assault rapes alone, every single offender was non-white.

As Norway continues to let in approximately 40,000 Third World immigrants every year, its rape epidemic will only continue to spread. The same goes for every other white country.



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