Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Israel Starts Rounding up Blacks on the Street

Thousands of blacks will be rounded and placed in camps in Israel over the next ferw days after an Israeli court granted the state the right to place them under “collective protection.”
According to a report in the Israeli Ynet News, the “Population and Immigration Authority’s” operation, meant to detain illegal migrants ahead of their deportation, was made possible after the Jerusalem Administrative Court granted the State’s request to suspend the “collective protection” status granted to south Sudanese migrants in Israel, effectively sanctioning the deportation of 1,500 migrants.
According to the Immigration Authority, over 55 foreigners – from south Sudan, Nigeria, China, Ghana and the Ivory Coast – were detained in the first hours of the sweep, which is set to last several days.
At least 50 Blacks in Eilat, Israel, have been rounded up on the street and imprisoned for immigration offences, with Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai promising that this is “just the first step.”
According to the Jerusalem Post, Yishai on Monday addressed the arrest of dozens of migrants earlier in the day, saying that the deportation of South Sudanese was just a first step towards the deportation of all migrants from Israel. Immigration authorities rounded up some 50 illegal African migrants in Eilat and other southern cities for eventual deportation Monday. The number is expected to grow throughout the day, as arrests are still being made across the country.
Migrants in both Eilat and Tel Aviv also said that members of the community were staying indoors to avoid arrest. The roundup, carried out by the Population, Immigration and Borders Authority’s Oz Unit, came one day after authorities arrested 25 migrants in Eilat, among them eight from South Sudan.
Speaking to Israel Radio, Yishai said “the real story is north Sudan and Eritrea. I do not yet have authorization to expel the migrants from those countries, but I will work towards their deportation as well. And it will be done eventually.”
Yishai said that the arrested migrants will be taken to a holding facility in southern Israel and added that “by next week we will charter a plane to fly the migrants to South Sudan.”
The interior minister encouraged South Sudanese migrants to turn themselves over to authorities of their own volition in order to receive a stipend of 1,000 euros prior to deportation.
“I am not working out of hate of foreigners, I am working out of love for my nation,” Yishai said. “Giving up on this mission would be tantamount to giving up on the declaration of independence.”
According to Ynet News, Yihsai also said that the sweeps were “Not meant to be against the infiltrators, but rather to preserve the Zionist and Jewish nature of the State of Israel.”
When any European politician has used those words to describe their activities to protect their own nations from illegal immigrants, the Jewish Supremacist lobby has been the first to roundly condemn them.

David Duke 


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