Saturday, 30 June 2012

Beware of Racial Traitors

The following quote was taken from an article in the SS newspaper, "Das Schwarze Korps" Issue 28, dated July 15, 1937. I found it in a book titled, Hitler's Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil's Pact, John Cornwell, 2003, Pages 181, 182, Viking.

"The victory of racial anti-Semitism is to be considered only a partial war...For it is not a racial Jew in himself who is a threat to us, but rather the spirit he spreads. But if the carrier of this spirit is not a Jew but a German, then he should be considered doubly worthy of being combated as the racial Jew, who cannot hide the origin of his spirit...Common slang has coined a phrase for such bacteria carriers, the 'White Jew.' "

Though written in 1937 Germany, this warning is even more relevant today as the Jewish stranglehold on our people grows tighter and tighter every year. These racial traitors are nested in every area of our public life: our government, our media, our schools, our entertainment industry, and, yes, even in White Nationalist Forums...You can recognize them by their subtle and persistent defense of Jews, no matter how great their crimes against humanity.


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