Sunday, 10 June 2012

Autopsy finds NO human flesh inside stomach of 'Miami cannibal' who chewed face off homeless man

The Miami man who chewed the face off a homeless man in a horrific and brutal attack which shocked the nation may not have eaten his victim after all.
Rudy Eugene – dubbed the ‘Miami cannibal’ – had no human flesh in his stomach when he died, an autopsy has revealed.
A few undigested pills were found in his stomach, although it will take weeks for them to be identified, according to the Miami Herald

Autopsy findings: Rudy Eugene chewed the face of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo on May 26. The attack only ended when police shot Eugene, an autopsy found no human flesh in the attacker's stomach
In the harrowing attack during Memorial Day Weekend, Eugene, 31, originally from Haiti, chewed off the eyes, nose and mouth from the face of Ronald Poppo.
Eugene was eventually shot and killed by a Miami police officer after he refused to stop eating his 65-year-old victim on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach.
It was almost 20 minutes until officer Jose Rivera shot Eugene shortly after he arrived.
He shouted at the 31-year-old to stop but he simply got up and growled and continued eating at the man's face.
Gruesome: The horrific attack on Memorial Day Weekend, which lasted 18 minutes until police shot and killed Eugene, shocked the nation
However, the autopsy did find flesh lodged between Eugene’s teeth, the Herald reported.
It is believed that Eugene may have been on ‘bath salts’, a potent hallucinogenic drug, when he carried out the gruesome assault.  
Users of the drug report to feeling no pain. Its effects include paranoia, hallucinations, convulsions and psychotic episodes.
The autopsy findings come after Eugene’s girlfriend revealed her name and her face for the first time on Wednesday. 
Speaking out: Eugene's girlfriend Yovonka Bryant described the attacker as harmless devout Christian at a news conference with her celebrity attorney Gloria Allred on Wednesday
Yovanka Bryant, 27, continued to claim her boyfriend of four months was a harmless man and a devout Christian.
She even went so far as to say that Eugene would have been a 'good father for her children.'
Standing alongside celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, Miss Bryant said Eugene was carrying a Bible before he stripped naked and went on the brutal, unprovoked rampage on May 26.
Poppo remains in hospital where he has already undergone some skin grafts but is yet to speak, the Herald reported.
Eugene’s autopsy results have not been released to the public, according to the paper.
Service: More than 150 people attended Rudy Eugene's funeral service at Grace Funeral Home in Miami
Service: More than 150 people attended Rudy Eugene's funeral service at Grace Funeral Home in Miami
While so many questions remain unanswered, Eugene's family laid him to rest on Saturday.
More than 150 people attended the funeral service at Grace Funeral Home in Miami, according to the Miami Herald.
Eugene's service celebrated 'a boy who aspired to the best, to a man who was focused on enjoying his piece of the American dream,' according to the service's program.
Markenson Charles, Eugene's younger brother, said that he had always looked up to the man who became known as 'Miami Cannibal.'
'If he had it, it was yours,' he said, telling the crowd of Eugene's generosity and sweet demeanor. 'Rudy was always a very affectionate person. What I wouldn’t give for a kiss right now.'
Pastor Keny Felix, who knew Eugene since he was a boy, told the crowd not to forget Ronald Poppo.
'This morning, I ask, as you grieve, you remember Mr. Ronald in your prayers,' he said.
Details of the service were kept secret until Friday night, because they wanted the funeral to be an intimate, family affair.
Eugene's mother, Ruth Charles, wept through the service only managing to utter a few words at the close of the ceremony as she looked at her son's silver casket: 'Ay yay yay yay! Rudy.'


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