Friday, 22 June 2012

Austrian nationalist party is the most popular with young voters

The nationalist Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is the most popular party among young voters, according to a poll conducted by the Institute for Youth Culture Research.

The poll shows that the FPÖ has 17.4 percent support among 16–29-year-olds in Austria, putting it 4.5 percentage points above its nearest rivals, the Greens.

Austria’s two largest parties, the conservative ÖVP and the socialist SPÖ, only scored 8.9 percent and 8.5 percent respectively, putting them behind non-voters, the Pirate Party and those who would spoil their ballots.

The poll was conducted in May and June 2012 and questioned 522 people.

The FPÖ has previously topped polls among voters of all ages. Last year a survey conducted by the OGM institute on behalf of the Kurier newspaper found the party would secure 29 percent of the vote, making it the most popular choice in the country.

The FPÖ – which stands against EU membership, Turkey’s EU accession, the Islamificiation of Austria, and immigration – is already the third-largest party in Austria, with 34 seats in the National Council, the most powerful level of government.

The next election for the National Council in Austria is scheduled for September 2012.

Viel Glück, FPÖ!


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