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Toward a Policy of RACE FUTURISM

Toward a Policy of RACE FUTURISM

“Our religion is Race, our holy text is Futurism, and we are fundamentalists.” Thus spoke Imperian Man.

I. The EUROSIBERIAN Imperative

The Idea of Eurosiberia calls! An Idea whose time has come. An Idea which must be turned into a geopolitical reality as soon as possible, and by any means necessary. Political groups all across Europe and Russia must come together around a policy of union between the E.U. countries (including Belarus and Ukraine) and the Russian Federation. The merging of Europe and Russia, as forecasted in Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism, is not simply “desirable” but absolutely essential for the fulfillment of the Europid’s destiny as a species fully united in its biology, geography, politics and culture. The “Paris” of tomorrow must be Moscow, and the “Moscow” of tomorrow must be Vladivostok.
Before the coming global IMPERIUM admits any of the other Sacred World Territories, it is imperative that Europe and the Slavic East must merge into the mother continent of Eurosiberia—a supercontinent of White peoples and regions, and the mandatory base of operations for all coming Imperian policies. But first it will be necessary that (1) the Right political forces seize power coactively in Europe and Russia, and (2) NATO be sent packing back to Washington with all of the Globalist political traitors who have sold out the West—the Blairs, Browns, Sarkozys (et al.) must go!
Now then, what are the Right political forces that would most likely fight on behalf of the Eurosiberian Imperative? In Western Europe the political forces assembled around the IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA would naturally come to the defense of Eurosiberia. Of course, those in Guillaume Faye’s own immediate circle would follow suit. But what forces would mobilize on behalf of Eurosiberia in the East? This is a more difficult question accentuated by the fact that, presently, Aleksandr Dugin’s “Eurasianists” enjoy quite a bit of popularity in so-called “Fourth Positionist” circles and among those associated with the Russian New Right. The geopolitical goals of the Eurasian movement are also supported by Putin’s government—goals which, if realized, would put Russia on an Oriental footing with much closer ties to the Islamic world and East Asia. At the heart of Dugin’s Eurasian ideology lie treacherous anti-Western and anti-racist currents left over from the Cold War. Unfortunately, many gullible Russian youths are attracted to the Eurasian cause; they falsely believe that “Eurasianism” is a revolutionary creed and that their leader is somehow original in his concepts. Worse still, there is no Eurosiberian-racialist political alternative in Russia (the heartland of the proposed project). As far as I know, the only person in Russia currently writing and speaking out on behalf of a future Eurosiberia—for Europids only, and stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok— is fellow RACE FUTURIST Constantin von Hoffmeister.
To combat the growing influence of the Kremlin-backed Eurasianists it is essential that a RACE FUTURIST Party be established in Russia immediately. The Party’s immediate objectives must be five-fold: (1) to oppose the multicultural/multiracial agenda of Dugin and Putin at every turn; (2) to assert the primacy of Race in all matters; (3) to formulate a Futurist policy and plan of action that revolves around Race; (4) to promote a Socialist system that will have the sole task of overseeing the development and well-being of the Race; (5) to agitate for the immediate union of all European peoples into a greater, racially exclusive and fully sovereign pan-European geopolitical entity: Eurosiberia—a Great Western Super-polity of regions and peoples organized on the hierarchical principles of IMPERIUM and Dominium, and on the basis of Socialist ethics and economics.


Capitalism saps the very life-force of the creative class of a nation. It inundates the creative class with an ocean of debt, poverty and social alienation. Under such a parasitical system, true quality is devalued to the point of being more than worthless, meaningless. Quality is essentially abolished by the common bourgeois mindset. The artisan, the inventor, the philosopher, the ascetic, the warrior, the statesman, all those who turn their back on the “rat race” and the perennial quest to “turn a quick buck”—all such types are misunderstood and without value in the Capitalist system. Conversely, those with “value” (or those who can easily find a profitable place in Capitalist society) can be found among the parasitical professional classes: politicians, policemen, priests/pastors, public school teachers, stocks brokers, CEOs—all our modern-day “heroes.”
The product of the bourgeois mind is the inverse pyramid of the Capitalist system—a system which prizes all things that are cheap, low-grade, multitudinous and easily produced. The Capitalist system is an expert leveler seeking to relegate all things to an inferior position—that is, to make all things, again: cheap, low-grade, multitudinous and easily produced. This, the Capitalist system (and its political sibling: liberal democracy) calls “equality.” And so, there is no true sense of quality under the Capitalist system, only quantity or what can be called “false quality.” Examples of Capitalist “false quality” archetypes are: McDonalds, Burger King, Walmart, K-Mart, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Reebok, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Hollywood, etc. Capitalists are not concerned with what is being produced (or true quality), but rather how much (quantity). A Capitalist is not concerned ultimately with what goes into making a Hollywood movie, but what the likelihood is of the movie’s widespread box-office appeal. How many tickets can be sold, how many weekend records broken, etc.
Ultimately, the Capitalist or “liberal/Capitalist” (when adding the corresponding political/cultural dimension) is outwardly looking to consumerize as many denizens who live within the economic-geopolitical entity (the so-called “nation-state”) as possible. I say “denizens” (or dwellers) because the term “citizen” has no real meaning in a Capitalist society. As we see today, illegal alien migrants possess just as many rights as the “citizenry” of any Western nation. Frequently they possess more rights than the natives, when considering the free medical, food, housing, education and other welfare benefits which many aliens receive—all paid for by the Capitalist gangster-States which misappropriate the tax-monies of their honest, hardworking, yet totally duped citizenries.
As we have seen in the liberal-democracies of the West over the course of the past seven decades, the natural antagonism between labor and capital, which has only intensified, actually works to the benefit of the liberal/Capitalist system via the time-tested success of the Hegelian Dialectic. Whereas the villainous Capitalist economy has consistently played the role of the societal “heel,” the liberal political/cultural establishment has enjoyed its role as the “baby-face.” Whenever the Capitalist class has created an ugly societal problem, due to inevitable and intentional wealth disparities brought upon by greed, the “liberal emancipator” politicos and cultural bureaucrats have come to society’s rescue—their liberal legislation and politically correct norms coming in the shape of big white hats. Of course, a consensus is always reached which also strengthens the interests of Big Business, even if only in a piecemeal or backroom fashion.
The leveling/mass-egalitarian nature of the integrated liberal/Capitalist system eventually morphs into its theoretical rival yet practical twin: Socialism. By itself, Socialism does not do away with the Capitalist mentality. Socialism also promotes the quantitative mindset to a large extent, and thus also devalues true quality. Examples of Socialist “false quality” archetypes are: welfare, the “human rights” industry, the “common man” cult, rampant bureaucracy/big government, etc. While these archetypes of decay can be found in all modern Capitalist democracies, they have their origin in nineteenth century Leftist agitation.
Indisputably, the egalitarian ideal has always haunted the Socialist system wherever such a system took root. Egalitarianism—the Queen Regent of all Enlightenment-derived dogmas—was always there to scare the system into sacrificing its original meritocratic principles to the ever looming twin-beast of Sameness and Mediocrity. Under most past socialistic systems the ideal of mass-equality eventually won out, if not practically than rhetorically as the societal norm. At the same time, all meritocratic values had been expeditiously and conveniently discarded. (This decadent historical process is as certain to occur in a Socialist system as it is in a Capitalist one.) Quite simply, meritocracy dies when rights are granted to anyone for anything, when “human rights” inflation becomes the raison d’etre for State and society. Hence, the natural result of Socialism when applied in a universalist context.
Only under exclusivist or folk-based circumstances can a true Socialist meritocracy succeed and thrive. Racial Socialism is such an exclusivist, folk-based and meritocratic system. A system of workers and producers, philosophers and inventors, thought-men and deed-men, and still yet: Thought-Deed Men. Only without the burdensome baggage of Marxist-inspired utopianism—which is to say the bogus ideal of mass-equality—can true Socialism thrive, and true Socialism is Racial Socialism; the only viable ethical-political-economic system for an exclusivist, expansive and thus a healthy race. Here, it should be emphasized that the error of Marxism was not in its appreciation of the working class; indeed, all truly productive members of a race are its workers, both of the mind and the hand. Where Marxism deviated was in its international-egalitarianism; in its failure to recognize key differences between the major divisions (species) of mankind; and also in its refusal to acknowledge culture as a more important historical impetus than economics, since the former is so closely linked to race and pedigree.
Racial Socialism stands in stark contrast to Marxian Socialism and wage-slave/consumerist Capitalism, both of which destroy races and cultures; the first by means of intensive social engineering programs and the second through the uprooting of entire nations and the transfer of peoples as commodities. In contradistinction to these false systems, Racial Socialism is an organic system of Gemeinschaft (or “People’s Community”) which only concerns itself with the welfare and expansion of the Race. As an ideology, Racial Socialism conceives of the race as an organic body responsible for the generation of all culture, politics, economics and related vehicles of human progress. All is created by the Race, and necessarily then for the Race’s own benefit.
I here quote Constantin von Hoffmeister (from his essay “Organic Socialism”): “Only racialists care about the working class of their people. Only racialists can be true socialists. People who spit on their race, as most contemporary Marxists do, can hardly care about the proletariat of their folk. RACE WAR is CLASS WAR!”
Again, I quote von Hoffmeister (from his essay “Race and Capitalism”):
Racial socialism is socialism for the race, namely the race that produces and works. This race is composed of workers of the fist and workers of the brow. The workers of the brow are the creative soul of the race and the workers of the fist are the engine that propels the race into the millennia to come.
Racial socialism must be recognized as the only viable alternative to the liberal capitalist system of death and decay. Racial socialism is the weltanschauung of rebirth and solar flexibility in the face of an indifferent universe. God is dead. Out of the ashes of cathedrals and the bones of Darwin, racial socialists shall create the new gods that will herald the coming age of irrational labor and designed evolution.

Thus, Racial Socialism can be described as a system of true or positive Racial Altruism. It is crucial that this system be implemented immediately upon the establishment of the IMPERIUM. Any failure to do so would betray the Race entirely.


A policy of Futurism must also be implemented in conjunction with Racial Socialism (hence RACE FUTURISM), and in greater proportion to anything Faye might have envisioned regarding the “archaic.” A healthy race focuses more on the future than on the past; making babies is always more important than digging graves or lining one’s mantle with urns (let the dead bury the dead!). In the same way, the coming IMPERIUM must exhibit more masculine characteristics than feminine ones; it must count more Marinettis among its Folk than Evolas; there must be more Lightning than Sun, and yet more Sun than Moon. What is meant by “Futurism” is nothing less than Constantin von Hoffmeister’s own vision (from his essay “National Futurists to the Front!”):

While history is important, glorifying systems that are dead and buried is quite pointless. National Futurism is opposed to petty nationalism as it is a provincial dead-end form of worship. The only nation that must be worshipped is Holy Europe. Its future colonies in the endless depths of the cosmos will bear witness to the Aryan genius and the greatness of Earth's organic elite. Freed from the shackles of religion and reason, European Man will be able to glide through the ether and set his foot on worlds that will be named after his own traditions: HAIL the lunar metropolis Goetheville in the district of New America! As vision transcends logic, science will naturally have to be applied with great artistic care, both in the design of the hyperdrive and the titanium-encased skyscrapers for the urbanized masses of the future. Blood and Soil is no more valid than wagons and moats. The new leading principle is Blood and Technology.

The above “National Futurist” excerpt much more accurately depicts RACE FUTURISM since one of the principle tenets of the new creed is that petty individual nationalism (among White peoples) must necessarily and finally be done away with. Quite honestly, if we are to survive as a Race, we must (sooner rather than later) acknowledge the supreme Law of ORION: One’s Race Is One’s Nation. If we are to finally project ourselves into Space, the realm of the gods, and thus become Gods ourselves, then we need to start thinking bigger.
In line with the RACE FUTURIST position of necessary expansion, racially and technologically, the coming IMPERIUM must be built upon the union of all White regions and peoples. In the most candid terms, RACE FUTURISTS are against any and all pseudo-White Nationalist secessionist groups which want to somehow “turn back the clock” and create quaint little hermetically sealed museums for their “kith and kin”—little inorganic fiefdoms of the past, theme parks, which serve no current or future purpose but to stifle and defeat the extraterrestrial and eugenic advancement of the Race as a whole. Therefore, RACE FUTURISTS are against the neo-Confederates, the neo-Pagan escapists and nature worshippers,[1] the Northwest secessionists and all those who, fixed on worshipping the termite-eaten totems of dead ancestors, wish to do nothing more than continually run away from the tyranny of the current Globalist power structure, flee from the impending life and death struggle, and thus escape from their ultimate Destiny as individual members of a far greater collective DNA grouping which will someday rule the galaxy. No! This kind of thinking is too high-minded (perhaps too fantastical) for the narrow vision of the ever squabbling White secessionists (and by extension most “White Nationalists”).
Furthermore, the various strains of petty national-secessionists are also quite frequently anti-technological. In the southern portion of the United States, for example, centuries of bad breeding practices have yielded a species of White southerner that absolutely detests any kind of new scientific innovation—a kind of archetypical boor who cannot wrap his head around anything greater than his Southern Baptist (half Negro!) religion. Other “Folk Traditionalist” elements in Europe are of the same irrational type. In their never-ending search for tradition in a constantly changing world, they seek to emulate the superstitious mindset, ritualism and tribalism of the non-European immigrant populations they claim to despise. (This is the prime paradox of European neo-Paganism.) Such Luddites will have no place in our coming society except perhaps for genetic experimentation.
RACE FUTURISM considers all varieties of ethno-tribalism, race-secession and related “movements” to be nothing other than defeatism. The healthy, expansive, technological Race seeks to unite at all costs. The healthy, expansive, technological Race is logical, not needing to either sentimentalize or eulogize an eroding and transient substance like soil. The healthy, expansive, techno-logical Race is looking beyond the earth, as I write this, upward toward the infinite beyond. But first, the Race must UNITE! Ideologically and politically we must today become good collectivists so that tomorrow we can become good White people, and then the day after (hopefully) we can become good Overmen—Imperians!
Indeed, as Constantin stated above, the new slogan is “Blood and Technology,” and it must replace the old, outdated “Blood and Soil” ancestor. While soil is fleeting and temporary, Blood is potentially eternal. In the glorious times ahead we must reinforce the eternal Blood principle, not with useless soil but with Technology. Soil is inert and common like a second-hand pocketbook that gets passed from owner to owner. Technology is alive and potentially limitless, like the brain which develops it—utilitarian and excellent. Only dying races turn their backs on technology. A good example is the Amish community; a population of living relics, testaments to a bygone age of horse and buggy, an era divided between simple God-fearing folk and godless Englishmen, the pious and the adiamorphic.
Truly, the White Man is a Faustian Beast. Spengler’s infamous pessimism does not lie in this fact alone; the White Man is not a tragic figure because he is a Faustian Beast. Rather, the tragedy lies in the guilt most modern Whites harbor for the plight of other races; typically this is tied to a reluctance or outright refusal, on the part of Whites, to recognize their collective potential as Faustian God-men. This sense of guilt (bordering on masochism) is truly what is tragic, and unfortunately it seems to be a modern-day plague infecting the minds of otherwise healthy men and women. There is no shame in acknowledging that the White Race is the only one capable of true genius, progress and rejuvenation. Shame only lies in not acknowledging this naked fact, and in subsequently adopting a renunciatory worldview and atomized individual existence.
The Cosmotheistic vision of Norman Lowell and the late Dr. William Pierce (which I also endorse) affirms the White Man’s positive role in the universe—a boundless realm still yet to be explored, conquered and exploited. The coming Elite must be Cosmotheistic practitioners of the new Science of the Spirit; an almighty caste of Warrior-Priests hell-bent on perfecting the edification process that shall yield the New Man.
What is currently preventing us from colonizing Mars? Answer: the liberal Capitalist system which focuses all its resources on creating ever greater numbers of terrestrial (largely non-White) consumers. Racial Socialism working in tandem with the Futurist tendency, on the other hand, will focus its energy on the creation of interstellar producers, always with the aim to put quality first. How? Through the harnessing of meritocratic principles. Those who want to succeed in our coming society will. A kind of National Bolshevik system (without any of the egalitarian Marxist hang-ups) will be firmly entrenched. Thus shall we proceed to conquer the Martian landscape, erecting Olympus Mons-sized cities all across the planet and from there across the solar system and beyond! It can be done. It must be done. It will be done.
Will there be a place for archaicism in the new society? Yes, in fact the White Man shall be reminded of his glorious past everywhere. In old anthems renewed. In our many marvels of European architecture, in our fabulous museums, in the classrooms of our glorious schools and universities—wherever the Europid’s High Culture graces the Cosmos, there is also the living testimony of the Europid’s magnificent past.

* * *

From Part V of “Race and Capitalism” by Constantin von Hoffmeister:

What the race demands the race gets. What the workers built will last through storms and meteor hails. The future is perfection built on Greek genius and non-Euclidian geometry. Buildings warped but functional and aesthetic pleasure derived from perusing shelves and shelves of books and tomes on lore forgotten and not yet created, ancient and progressive, archaic and futuristic. All will be read and evaluated and put to use by the workers of the brow for the benefit of the race.
And when the sun goes down over the homeland of the race, the sun never goes down. Lights inside and outside and above and beyond, illuminating the sky and the underworld, people passing to and fro, life never ceases. The Earth finally hollow, a brain toiling to think: "What next?" Next the world ends again while new worlds are born. A cycle of life ever-lasting and hope not vanquished but released into the vacuum of space.

[1]From von Hoffmeister’s short essay “Racial Bolshevism”: Paganism is a dead-end street. Being is the key, not believing and/or worshipping. The gods die when the race (that created them) dies. The gods are not eternal. Paganism was a temporary manifestation of the Race's mood at a particular time. The Race willed Paganism into existence. It did not exist before it and is already dead while the Race still lives. The Race can be without ascribing its being to forces beyond itself. The solace of the Race today is science and not religion. Rockets will propel us to the place where the gods once lived. The gods will be replaced by us. Thor is dead, long live the Astronaut! While Thor once hurled lightning FROM the sky, we will propel like lightning INTO the sky


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