Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Russian Supreme Court Bans Blood & Honor

Russia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that international neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honor is extremist and banned its activities in the country, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General’s office said.

“The association’s ideology is based on hate and feud on the basis of race, ethnicity, origin, religion or being part of a social group,” spokeswoman Marina Gridneva told journalists.
She said that ideology was directed against state officials, Jews, Caucasus, Middle East and Asian ethnicities, dark-skinned people and contained an urge for murdering and injuring them and destroying their property.
Gridneva said the organization’s organizers and members were also plotting a state coup in Russia, and added that some of its members have already been brought to criminal account for extremism and terrorist attacks.
Blood and Honor was founded in 1987 as a music promotion network and political group with neo-Nazi views. It has branches in many countries, including Britain, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.



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