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Jews Ethnically Cleansing Indigenous White People From East London

Cockneys Have Become First British Group to be Ethnically Cleansed.’

The Cockney culture and language has been ethnically cleansed from London’s East End as mass Third World immigration has pushed white people into minority status and destroyed the world-famous accent.
According to an analysis of demographic figures — which are already several years out of date — white British people make up as less than 40 percent of the population in the areas of London traditionally associated with Cockneys.
Furthermore, the world famous Cockney accent and rhyming slang has already been completely replaced amongst the younger age groups in the region as they form the overwhelming majority of that population.
True Cockney, a dialect more than 500 years old, is now spoken only by the elderly in London and will, a study recently showed, be completely extinct within 30 years.
Cockney is being replaced by what is politely called “Multicultural London English” or LME for short. LME is also known as “Jafaican” which is a combination of Jamacian, African and Asian.
Traditionally, people born within earshot of the bells of the church of St. Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside, London, were classified as true Cockneys.
The original bells of the church, named the “Bow Bells” after the stone arches, or ‘bows,’ of a church, called St Mary de Arcubus which was built on the site following the Norman Conquest of 1091.
Richard Wittington became Mayor of London in 1392, and legend has it that he returned to London when he heard the Bow Bells as he was about to leave the city.
One of the earliest written references of the bells dates back to 1469, when it was recorded that they were rung a 9pm every evening.
The first written reference to an association between the people living in the area and the bells dates to 1600, when the poem ‘The letting of humours blood in the head-vaine’ by Samuel Rowland appeared. The line in question read “I scorne … To let a Bowe-bell Cockney put me downe.”
The original bells were destroyed along with the building in the Great Fire of London of 1666, and have been recast twice since then, the last time in 1956.
Apart from the world famous accent, which foreigners still strongly identify with England and London, other aspects of Cockney culture have become icons in their own right.
The ‘Pearly Kings and Queens’ for example, became tourist attractions. They originated amongst market costermongers who decorated their clothes with pearl buttons to differentiate themselves from regular traders.
The ‘kings’ were elected from within those traders to protect their rights from marketplace rivals, but by the second half of the 20th century, the Pearly Kings and Queens had assumed a more symbolic and charitable role, devoting their time to raising funds for good works.
Nowadays, Pearly Kings and Queens are increasingly rare sights, even in tourist-drenched London.
Cockney characters were so powerful that they found their way into major entertainment works, varying from 19th century music hall performers such as Marie Lloyd and Albert Chevalier to major fiction works such as Bill Sykes (from Dickens’s ‘Oliver Twist’), Eliza Doolittle (George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’) and others.
The traditional areas in which the Cockney culture originated was the areas of Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Hackney (which includes Hoxton and Shoreditch), Blackwall, Bow, Bow Common, Bromley-by-Bow, Cambridge Heath, Canary Wharf, Cubitt Town, Docklands, East Smithfield, Fish Island, Globe Town, Isle of Dogs, Leamouth, Limehouse, Mile End, Millwall, Old Ford, Poplar, Ratcliff, St George in the East, Shadwell, Spitalfields, Stepney, and Wapping.
Almost all of these areas today fall under the reach of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which according to the 2001 census, had a white British population of 42.9 percent.
In the intervening ten years, the white British population has dropped dramatically through a process of white flight and mass Third World immigration, with current estimates claiming that whites no make up less than one-third of the population.
According to the study “Multicultural London English: the emergence, acquisition and diffusion of a new variety,” by Sociolinguistics Professor Paul Kerswill at Lancaster University, this demographic change will cause the Cockney accent to disappear from London’s streets within 30 years.
“Cockney in the East End is now transforming itself into Multicultural London English, a new, melting-pot mixture of all those people living here who learnt English as a second language,” Prof Kerswill was quoted as saying.
So ends 500 years of history, culture and tradition: wiped out by less than 30 years of mass immigration.
The evidence is clear: mass immigration will lead to the ethnic cleansing of Britain’s indigenous peoples.
The Cockney’s fate is the same one awaiting all of Britain, and indeed, of Europe, unless the insanity and unfairness of current immigration trends are not only halted, but reversed.
May we pray that the Cockneys are the last victims of this evil process.”
 Comments by Londoners to the Daily Telegraph:
“In the city centre , i.e westminster, camden, kensington+chelsea , wandsworth etc the overwhelming majority of v limited social housing goes to immigrants.
Just visit the estates yourself and its clear who gets these properties.
If you dont have social housing in these areas you need to be on at least 50k+ to afford the private rents i.e Westminster council flat =100pw , Private in same location £400pw !
The white working class have slowly been shafted leaving the areas they are brought up in to be replaced by immigrants in these estates.
So I work full time to support immigrants in social housing I need but will never get to live off benefits whilst I commute from an area miles away I can afford in the private sector!
Its a terrible traitorous state we are in.”
“The correct term of what is happening is racial descrimination of white people in social housing. The proof of this is the fact that figures released the other day confirm that half of social housing is going to immigrants.
It really is astounding that all the official reports and all the broadcast media talking about the housing crisis mention everything except the effect of half a million immigrants arriving here every year.
It is not just housing. Everything in the South East (at least) is overcrowded. Roads, schools, hospitals, all is pandemonium. And it gets worse by the year as the immigrants multiply.
People working in our media must either be imbeciles or working under a threat of some kind.
No sentient reporter can fail to realise the connection between the rapidly falling quality of life generally for English people and the massive and unrelenting inflow of people – mostly dirt poor.”
“No civilisation or culture or way of life can survive with such wanton censorship whether it is self imposed or imposed upon it.”
“No civilisation or culture or way of life deserves to survive such wanton censorship whether it is self imposed or imposed upon it.”
“Our civilisation won’t survive. That is now certain.”
“Take your racism elsewhere.”
Why is it racist to speak truth, or is truth now classed as racist!
The predicatbility of the anti-racist mantra is getting tedious, more and more people are waking up to the tactics used by those such as yourself to silence any debate concerning ethnics or immigration.
I won’t bow down to those like yourself, I have seen where I live deliberately changed beyond recognition, and I won’t be silenced by your accusations of racism, it means absolutely nothing to me anymore.
In fact I believe that people like yourself have done enormous damage to those that suffer real racism.”
“Cameron, Jack Straw,
Let’s face it, none of them really want us here do they?
Then why did you move?
Perhaps you’re just another of those that encourage & celebrate the diverse, vibrant cultures & religions of others, then p**s off and leave the poor indigenous sods to live with the consequences.
Stratford, like the rest of East London, was ONCE a good place to live, but now East London, is a pi**hole.
Forgot to mention that the type who have forced this multi-culti diversity on us all, and do happen to live there, the majority are protected by high gates & janitors, none of that mixing with the diverse for them. And when it comes time for their little sprogs to attend school, no local schools for them, it’s either up sticks or private.
So please don’t try telling someone who has to live with the enforced diversity that it’s real, it isn’t, it’s a mess. I just live in hope that I win the lottery and can get out.”



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