Friday, 18 May 2012

Gov’t guarantees safety of Jewish community, says Lázár

The Fidesz government has done everything in its power to ensure that all communities in Hungary are safe and secure, and it guarantees the safety and protection of the Jewish community, too, Janos Lazar, Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader, said in Friday.
Speaking at a joint news conference held with Ilan Mor, the Israeli ambassador to Hungary, Lazar said the government had an interest in building and reorganising the country so that everyone’s human rights are safeguarded.
“This means we resolutely reject any attack on the Hungarian Jewish community,” Lazar said in Hodmezovasarhely, the city of which he is the mayor. “We stand up to any such social endeavours without compromise or mercy ” he added.
He said that before 2010 neo-Nazis had marched in Budapest and now this was unimaginable. The government, he said, has essentially obliterated the self-styled paramilitary Hungarian Guard.
“The Hungarian reality is much better than European or American journalists portray from time to time,” Lazar said.
He said that Fidesz and the Hungarian government paid “friendly attention” to the State of Israel, which forms with it an “economic and political alliance”. Over the past 25 years, exceptionally good relations have developed between the two countries, he said, adding that Hungary supports Israel’s efforts to modernise its economy and society.
The ambassador said the economic partnership between the two countries was “very important” and serious opportunities were ready to be tapped.
Mor said the Jewish community formed an important part of Hungarian society and should not be dealt with as an ethnic minority. “[They are] just as Hungarian as anyone else and are distinguished only by their religion,” he said.


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