Sunday, 13 May 2012


I am an echo! Filling the breathless Titan chasms of quantum immensities beyond comprehension! I am an echo! Bridging the sublime edifice of perfection, across fiery red oceans, of Chaos!

I am an echo! Whispering soft benedictions through stone chiseled miraculous temples! I am an echo! Resonating every shrilled rape agony that pierce the vital thresholds of Mother Nature's tortured Habitat!

I am an echo! Weaving star galactic eons of eternity into forever! I am an echo! Beating a heart rhythmic pulse off matter into the spherical ocillating wave matrix of composite space!

I am an echo! Mirroring the utter frailty of all mankind's fleeting moments! I am the tracing of infinity traversing through every possible dimension that defines the whole! Mystery of mysteries! Both knower and known! I am...... An echo!

Ron McVan


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