Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bulgaria's Prosecution to Tackle Nationalist Leader's 'Anti-Semitic' Books

The Bulgarian Commission for Protection against Discrimination (KZD) has sent a tip-off to the prosecuting authority about two books of Volen Siderov, MP and leader of nationalist party Ataka.
The signal involves Siderov's books "The Boomerang of Evil" and "The Power of Mammon", which were reprinted in 2010.
The two books are said to contain anti-Semitic propaganda and instill hatred against Jews and Judaism and also reject and undervalue the Holocaust.
The proceedings at the KZD have included extensive research as part of which Siderov and his wife (manager of Boomerang-BG OOD, publisher of the books) were asked to present explanations in writing.
In his letter, Siderov fails to present his stance on the issue but notes that KZD members are not authorized to take any steps whatsoever because their term in office has expired.
The reprint of Siderov's books triggered a protest note from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) in early January 2011.
The human rights NGO asked Parliament to come up with a declaration condemning Siderov's works.
Volen Siderov is notorious for his hard-line attitude towards minorities in Bulgaria, especially Roma and Turks.


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