Tuesday, 15 May 2012

1888: The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career

Three quotes from this 1888 book, but the rest seem pretty 
much the same. This book set the pace for Der Struemer:
We have been requested by many prominent men in literary, financial, and commercial circles, to establish a monthly publication, to be called "The Anti-Semite." We have been assured of ample support in this venture. There is certainly enough of patriotism among the masses of the American people to maintain such a publication ; and there is, unquestionably, a wide-spread desire to check the diabolical methods of the Jews, — these parasites of the human race.

The Jew succeeds because the Aryan manufacturer pays higher wages than his Jew competitor. The Jew succeeds because his Aryan competitor has conscience, while the Jew has none. The Jew succeeds because in every thing that is manufactured by a Jew, without exception, poorer material is employed than by the Gentile competitor. It results that the Jew undersells the Gentile, and drives him out of the business field.
If the Gentiles in this country would combine, and refuse to deal with the Jews, if Gentiles would refuse to buy any goods manufactured by Jewish firms, if American women would absolutely refuse to patronize Jewish stores, these blood-sucking Shylocks would  speedily be relegated to their natural sphere of action, "the old-clo'." business, and underpaid womanhood would no longer be forced to the streets for subsistence. Remember, by encouraging the Jew in business you indirectly promote vice, degrade manhood, and dwarf the business prosperity of the country.

Let the people ponder this problem, let reflection beget resolve, and let resolve be transferred into action, while there is yet time. We want no parasites among us ; we will not have them ; our social health demands that we purge ourselves of them. The Jew must go. Let the nation assert itself to this effect, not passionately, not bitterly, not vindictively ; but from Maine to Louisiana, from New York to the Golden Horn, let the American people rise as one man, and assert in deep tones of calm, unwavering resolve, "We want no parasitic race among us : The Jew must go!"

Some of the cartoons in the book:


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