Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Give me iron words forged in fire, That I may speak through the soul of my people! Temper their body and heart, And set loose the torrent storm of my will! Powers of aeons generate within me, Snapping the rusted chains of alien creeds. Hear now the eight-legged stride of my steed across the heavens! I am the image of my kind writ large. My being spans the breadth of all thought and matter!

Through the light of my solar eye, From an age undreamed of, You have known me. Moon and stars I gather in my cloak, For you to gaze upon; My spear pierces the farthest corners of life's mystery. Like a ship I guide you, And though you may wander, do not abandon me! I am the source of all that you are and ever can be! I have given you knowledge, Spirit, and an ounce of divinity. Defile not your image, Lest your soul be cast to the nether worlds! Above your cities and cooling rock of mountains, The keen eyes of my ravens, Bear watchful measure to your life and deeds.

From Asgard I gaze down upon you.... Through many guises I walk among you; You are the multitude of my single spirit.... Which I in turn give back to you. Do not turn from the challenges, That I have laid before you! Burst the illusion of all doubt and limitation! Shatter the darkness of disillusion and despair! Sound the clarion of a new and triumphant age! The eye of Wotan works within you....! Let my strong ones rise!

Like the mighty sacred oaks, Unleash the powers that I alone have given you! Mirrored in Nature, mirrored in Time, Mirrored in the Mountains, Ocean and Sky! Let the heroic life rhythm of your mighty gods and ancestors, Stir your noble blood! Clutch the flaming sword of your divinity! Set up a light in the darkness! The might of legends still flows within your veins....! Let my strong ones rise!!!



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