Friday, 20 April 2012

Tribute to Adolf Hitler by National Alliance

The Birthday of the Man of Destiny

April 20th is a special day for any serious patriot for the Race; for on that day in 1889, the greatest man to appear in thousands of years was to be born to us. The following is a tribute written in 1989 by National Alliance founder, Dr. William L. Pierce in National Vanguard magazine on the 100th anniversary of his birth.
For those who truly advocate for the Race, one cannot properly do so without paying honors to Adolf Hitler. For racially conscious Americans to honor Him is no different than the Christian who honors Christ. He was an Aryan who spoke of a mission for the Aryan people no matter where they were from. There is nothing foreign in honoring Adolf Hitler for He was/is one of us.
The Aryan world has suffered its collapse as a result of our making war upon Him. Indeed, the whole White world is declining and even dying as the result of our so-called victory over Him. We can redeem ourselves only by recognizing His truths and carrying His message on to an embattled Aryan mankind.
Just think of the world we could have had if we had not been so foolish; if we had not listened to the Jews and their lackeys. Just think of how different and wonderful America could have been if not for our stupidity.
Long ago, I had once doubted Adolf Hitler and the truths of His great book, Mein Kampf, which I now call my Good Book. But slowly I began to realize how true He spoke. When things happen in national and world events, I reflect on what He said in that book.
Today, I swear by all that is Holy to me, that the more years I live, the more that I know He was right!
I thank Destiny that He came to us when He did. Because of Him there is Hope. For there to be that Hope; we must not / cannot deny Him.
- Jim Ring


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