Friday, 20 April 2012

Right Before Holocaust Remembrance Day, Study Shows Europe’s Views on Jews

A poll of 8 European nations released a day before Holocaust Remembrance Day shows the Netherlands and Great Britain to have relatively low levels of anti-semetism, while Poland and Hungary fall on the opposite end of that scale.
49% of Hungarians and Poles believe that Jews in their countries, have too much influence, while that number fell to 6 in the Netherlands and 14 in Great Britain.
The countries surveyed included France, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland.
“If this observation is any measure of Europeans’ attitudes to Israel, then we must conclude that perceptions of Israel are colored by anti-Semitism,” the report’s authors wrote in a study entitled “Intolerance, Prejudice and Discrimination”, set up by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany to focus on European’s attitudes towards different minority groups.
Close to half of Poles and Hungarians responded that their anti-semitic sentiments increased due to the “political activities” of Israel.
You can read the full study, here.


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