Sunday, 1 April 2012

Muslim calls for French history to be rewritten to be become more Islamic

As an imam, do you feel a responsibility vis-a-vis young people?

Imam: Of course. First of all we need to do real work on the ground, to listen and teach. And pay attention to what we say. We know that some young people are fragile and they could find flaws in our speeches to express their violence. There is always a risk, mentally unbalanced people, young people whose attitude cannot be explained by psychiatry. They often have a history of delinquency and are looking for a sort of redemption in radicalisation. Above all, I believe that everyone must assume their responsibilities. Starting with schools. French history has to be rewritten in light of the Muslim presence today. Whether in astrophysics, mathematics or philosophy, Islam's contribution to western civilisation is immense! This would permit young people from a Muslim culture to recognise themselves in the curriculum taught in schools and not feel stigmatised. 

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