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"The inner voice is a voice of a fuller life, of a wider, more comprehensive consciousness. That is why, in mythology, the birth of a hero or symbolic rebirth
coincides with sunrise, for the growth of personality is synonomous with an increase
of self-consciousness. For the same reason most heroes are characterized by solar attributes, and the moment of birth of their greater personality is known as
illumination." .........................C.G. Jung

Behind the veil of our earthbound reality, behind our mythologies, religions and individual personality there exists at the very core of our being, "the God Self" or what the ancient Aryans referred to in the Eddas as our "Hamingja". This divine influence
of the higher human psyche is innate within the soul of man. At times it serves us very much like an interposing protector. Had we not the ability to possess this inherent ounce of divinity within our being, both individually and collectively, mankinds future would be helpless and his own short life meaningless and pointless. We build or destroy our own lives, and we allow or disallow our own lot in life. Our Hamingja and our ethnic Gods are there to help and guide us, but it is we alone for the most part who must do the work and push onward.

Nature confronts our passage in life, reflecting back to us the eternal wisdom for those with eyes to see. The most ancient of Gods were born into our physical dimension through man's insatiable need to understand the forces of Nature and himself, but essentially, our ethnic gods are as much dependant upon us as we are on them. The gods are man writ large. As Dr. Carl Jung stated: "Man is a cosmos in miniature and not divided from the great cosmos by any fixed limits."

In Wotanism the soul is known to be a timeless, eternal spiritually evolving entity. It is our body which binds us to the physical world as the body is much like a garment worn by the soul. The tales of Homer relate that the Olympian Gods were able to transform into animals or humans at will, a process known as "shape-shifting". This is, also, a familiar characteristic within the Teutonic, Wotanist pantheon, as well as the Celtic. Metaphysically speaking, our Aryan archetypal ethnic gods function as astral forms within the conscious and subconscious mind, projecting as composite entities, comprised partly of human energy and divine energy. Such deities can be formed and animated within our individual and collective psyche or manifested into our physical
world as well. The supreme patriarchal God of Western man is Wotan, however, the divine Hamingja that exists within man is known to be matriarchal and akin to the Norns (the three sisters of Fate).

In Teutonic mythology it is has been written that he who is abandoned by his Hamingja is a lost man. Further, if one should become a hideous and evil man, one's Hamingja might very well turn her benevolence into wrath and cause such an individual
his well-deserved ruin.

In Saemund's Edda, Wotan issues forth a prophecy that King Geirrod, who had so long enjoyed the Gods' favor, would soon perish by his very sword. "Angry at you are the dises! cries Wotan to the royal rithing Geirrod, and immediately thereupon the
latter stumbles and falls, pierced by his own sword". Here, as is clearly emphized in this passage, the inescapable Hamingja causes the incorrigable king to stumble and fall to meet his justly deserved fate.

Our bodies need the soul in order to continue living, but the soul exists even without the physical body. Every part of man is imbued with the radiation of the multi-dimentional, spiritual world, every gesture informed with occult potency. Man in essence is a living talisman of the non-corporal planes of being. Our Hamingja calls up further spheres of existence. Each of these embodies the same process of self-realization, from the inarticulate but potent ground, through the purifying fire of universal mind which radiates from the Absolute God-Head.

In general, man is an irresponsible entity, directed by the forces from without, which is our physical body and the plane of existence around us. Those fortunate ones, who can peer through thick coats of matter and act from within, experience that great gift of enlightenment and self-awareness. We witness an ongoing variety of exceptional heroes throughout history, whose phenominal achievements exhault them to a semi-divine status, some within their own lifetime. Most researchers will agree that such types are born into the world with remarkable perserverance and sense of purpose, as if their destiny in life had already been present before birth. The acceptance of destiny, or "orlog", as our Wotanist ancestors traditionally referred to it, can oftentimes make great heroes appear to be impervious to the fear of death in the very threatening jaws of inevitable doom.

To understand one's orlog is to know that from birth to death every man's life course is weaving around himself, thread by thread, as a spider does his cobweb. We are guided through our Hamingja by the higher powers or the lesser powers, which the
ancient Celts and Italians referred to as "Watchers" (a term that dates even further back to the Stellar Mysteries of the Aryan Mesopotamian civilization). Watchers have been acknowledged as ancestral, astral spirits, which serve as guardians of the entrances and exits to and from the worlds that connect to the physical plane. Also, they have long been known as the "Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom" and "Guarians of the Art", as non-corporal entities they oversee world directions and activities. It has been a popular hypothesis that many of the influential heroic figures in history are
constantly surrounded and guided by these astral entities. The age old axiom of the Aryan Egyptian high priest Hermes Trismegistus, "Know thy self" has everything to do with man connecting with his Hamingja, his God-self, the true essence of his being.

"Those who are dead are never gone. They are there in the a thickening shadow. The dead are not under the earth; theyre in the tree that rustles, they are in the wood that groans,they are in the water that sleeps, they are in the hut, they are in the crowd, the dead are not dead. They who are dead are never gone, they are in the breast of the woman, they are in the child who is wailing and in the firebrand that flames. The dead are not under the earth: they are in the fire that is dying, they are in the grasses that weep, they are in the whimpering rocks, they are in the forest, they are in the house, the dead are not dead!" ........................Birago Diop

When the full weave of man's orlog is apperceived our every action then signals a profound purpose and we become entwined in a network of our own doing. When a man awakens inwardly in this manner he breaks the chains of unconscious being and proceeds completely under the empire of this self-made destiny. The true giants of achievment in history are naturally cognizant of their inner essence and predestined path at a very early age. The great epic heroes through time as well as our ethnic folk-god archetypes, serve as the necessary prototypes and examples for the full development of man's mind and spirit.

Within the Aryan pagan cosmology of Wotanism our life is clearly demonstrated upon the Tree of Life glyph, Yggdrasil, in which the entire structure is held in balance by a sequence of polarizations. Through that ever-winding path of life, man walks a thin line between opposing counter forces which is virtually an endless matrix of checks and balances in all things great and small. The complete man is one who sheds false personality and maintains a balanced polarization within himself, his family, his race, within Nature, and the indigenous mythologies, symbolism and folk-god archetypes that guide our way. Those who become swayed by the bondage of envy, jealousy, greed, gluttony, vain ego and such negative vices, negate the Hamingja force within and will always fail the test of life's physical dimension experience.

As an embodied soul, man has to find his place in the world among his people and the world without and fulfill his necessary active functions, but his primary individual quest is to rise through the five levels of being and manifest his inner Hamingja. Generation of this arousal is part of the cathartic training of the gnostic techniques of enlightenment. Through Wotanism one may experience the infinitude of the life mysteries and the divine completion of man as mirrored through our folk archetypes. Infinite possibilities are gained through this creative power of constructive thinking and obedience to the indwelling Hamingja, which is our source of inspiration, power, health,
prosperity and that noble and unconquerable spirit of the Aryan Euro-Tribes as a species.

"The ignorant man is driven hither and thither by the laws of nature, a helpless piece of driftwood on the stream of life. But the learned man, subject to the same laws, exercises his selective power, balances one against the other, and obtains his chosen object; he works by fixed laws, but he throws his life-force with the law-forces that help his purpose, and neutralizes those who antagonize him by the activity of other energies."
..........................Annie Besant



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