Friday, 20 April 2012

Does an official video for the 2012 London Olympics give hints of a pending false flag terror attack?

Look for these clues in the cartoon "Out of a Rainbow":
A steel worker named "George" is retiring.
(George Bush)
George writes his name on the final steel beam for the London Olympic Stadium, numbered 060705)
(The Twin Towers were made of similar steel beams, and 060705 divided by 911 = 666 (66.6).)
As his colleagues congratulate him, George hands his hard hat over to a black colleague.
(Obama is replacing Bush.)
Two drops of molten steel fall to the ground.
(The molten steel of the fallen Twin Towers)
George picks up the hardened drops of steel, places them in his bag, and rides away.
(The 9/11 event & coverup was his main accomplishment.)
George arrives home to a retirement party and a cake with a huge piece missing.
(The cake is full of triangle / pyramids, identical in design to the Olympic Stadium. Does the missing piece symbolize partial destruction of the stadium?)
George reshapes the two pieces of steel into 2 one-eyed images.
(Each image has the same all-seeing eye found atop the pyramid on the back of a US $1 dollar bill.)
George gives the two steel images to his grandchildren.
(The younger generation will live under the New World Order.)
The children place the two steel images on a window sill. A tall tower is visible in the distance.
(The steel images resemble the Twin Towers. The single tower in the distance is the Empire State Building.)
The one-eyed steel images come to life as the "mascots" of the London games.
(Another "9/11" attack will happen in London.)
As it started, the cartoon ends with a great rainbow appearing over London. The ominous voiceover declares: "The whole world will be there."
(The rainbow sybolizes a new beginning after a violent storm. The final planned disasters of World War III and economic collapse will usher in the New World Order...."Out of a Rainbow")
See if you can spot any other clues in this very weird cartoon.



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