Sunday, 29 April 2012


Distant from afar, In this world we are. A flickering light, In a stormy night. And the oars of our ship they slap the sea, Rolling o're the waves of our destiny! Tossed in the tempest of our fate, The gods are the beacon that guide us straight! And row, and row I, Through life's storm and gale! Our strength may grow weak, But it will not fail!

With muscle and sinew, and the grit of ages, We stay the course through history's pages! And though our sails be torn and tattered, Sure as life's path be crooked and scattered, Forward we move to a pounding drum! Poseidon stand back! Cross the chasms we come! And row, and row I, Noble blood, I was born... Awaiting the call of the Gjallarhorn!

And the light that we follow, O' never twill die! It shines ever bright from Wotan's eye! So call out the cadence, Mark true every stroke! For this ship is the heartbeat of our folk! This ship is our rock, With sails full of dreams! Dreams that distinguish the people we are! Dreams that call to us..... So distant..... From afar! 

ROn McVan


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