Sunday, 1 April 2012

Croatian minister of police: Gypsies commit more than half of prpperty crimes in Međimurje

Respecting the human rights of all minorities I have to point out that more than 50 percent of property crimes committed in Medjimurje are by Roma. Without these actions the Međimurje County would be among the safest, said the minister of police, Ranko Ostojic, during a visit to that county.

By the way međimurje is most northern part of Croatia. It borders with Hungary, and we all know that Hungary is filled with Gypsies. There are not so much Gypsies in Croatia but Međimurje is filled with them.

Of course that ZOG organisations like Amnesty International demanded apology, even some Gypsy member of Parliamnet (he got there because we have to fullfill our minority quota in parliament) demanded apology.

Well dear mister Memedi I also demand apology for looking at your ugly face which lives on my tax money.

You are filthy parasite. You and your kind. We don't like, we don't want you. You don't belong here.


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