Sunday, 8 April 2012

Anti-Semitic graffiti appears in Dallas neighborhood

Dallas police are investigating the appearance of anti-Semitic graffiti in the 9500 block of Manchester Drive in the city's Preston Hollow neighborhood on the first day of the Jewish Passover holiday.
A large flourescent pink swastika was spray-painted in in the middle of the street, just south of Woodfin Drive. Another Nazi symbol and the letters "SS" were painted nearby in the dirt where a home is under construction.
Neighborhood resident Andrew Elliott called 911. "I looked out the window, and when I did, I saw this big, huge, orange swastika painted on the street. Obviously, it's pretty alarming," he said. "It's abhorrent to see a swastika painted on your street in this day and age."
According to police, a resident reported seeing a group of middle school-age children running from the area before the swastika was discovered, but it was not clear whether they were involved.
"It's terrible, and what's even more terrible is just what time of the year it is," Elliott said. "People are celebrating Passover, they're celebrating Easter, and if you understand what those things are about to see something like this out here... it's just really... it was a shock, and it's really unfortunate."
Another Preston Hollow resident who identified herself only as Jill said the graffiti was "sad" and "disturbing."
"I was just in Germany not long ago, and they're the other extreme," she said. "If they ever saw anybody ever do this, they would be put in prison — literally."
The Dallas police Intelligence Unit will investigate the incident as a possible hate crime that can carry additional penalties for those who are convicted.
The Northwest Division has implemented additional patrols in the area, police said.
"A lot of people are seeing it, and I hope it goes away soon," Elliott said.


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