Friday, 2 March 2012

Some 4000 militant neo-Nazis operate in CzechRep - study

Prague - There are some 4000 militant neo-Nazis in the Czech Republic, including a 400-strong hard core, and a part of them pose a latent risk of switching to terrorism, experts focusing on extremism say in a study worked out for the Interior Ministry and released on the its website today.
The neo-Nazi scene poses a permanent threat in terms of crime, including violent crime. The number of individual attacks on Romanies is expected to rise in the country in the next five years, says the study completed by a team led by political scientist Miroslav Mares.
The 50-page study mainly focuses on the threats the neo-Nazi movement poses to the integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic.
The study describes the history, development and present of the neo-Nazi scene, as well as potential risks, new streams in the movement, its ideological basis and symbols.
The experts also recommend methods with which to prevent neo-Nazism. For example, the work with young people at schools still needs to improve in this respect, they write.
In the area of repression, it is necessary to better translate information from developments on the neo-Nazi scene into pieces of evidence that can be used in criminal proceedings, the experts write.
They say the neo-Nazi movement has changed since the early 1990s. A major part of the neo-Nazi "elites" have abandoned the skinhead image.
At present, the hard core are free nationalists and autonomous nationalists.
In the next years, experts expect the "neo-Nazi movement´s new style" to result in a rising number of individual attacks on Romanies. A part of neo-Nazis are expected to legally gain firearms, they write.
The neo-Nazis will be challenging not only Romanies but also the issues of immigration and the economic crisis in Europe, the study says.


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